Microwave features that make cooking simple

By Samsung 28.09.2015

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Microwave features that make cooking simple

Learn more about special Samsung microwave features to help you create healthy recipes for your family and streamline your cooking regimen.

Cooking in a traditional microwave is a process often fraught with confusion. "Is this thoroughly defrosted?" "How can I avoid making this steak tough and dry?" "What else can I do to preserve flavour?" These factors are no longer outside of your control with Samsung's cutting-edge microwave features like a dough and yogurt maker, a sensor to gauge moisture and humidity, and a Slim Fry function that can reduce the use of oil by 80%. Read on for more interesting information on how your Samsung microwave can make cooking easy and stress-free.

So long, sogginess

Some healthy recipes require special care so that they retain their best possible texture and avoid becoming soggy. The next time you need your pasta to be perfectly al dente or want perfectly-cooked asparagus without the droop, try cooking it in Samsung's MW5100H Convection MWO with advanced Smart Moisture Sensor technology. The sensor can detect the level of humidity of the air inside your microwave and adjust accordingly, so that the texture and taste of your dishes are optimal.

crispy food

Crispy, healthier fried food

Delicious, calorie-conscious fried food? Sounds like an oxymoron, but with Samsung's Slim Fry technology, making healthy recipes for fried food is easy. Samsung microwave models, such as MW5100H and MWF600G use hot air circulation to make sure that your chicken, samosas and French fries are cooked evenly, and with about 80% less oil than deep-frying methods.

Prepare your food as usual and place in the special Slim Fry dish with a dab of oil, and you get crispy fried meals without heavy oil residue or extra calories

Never overcook or undercook again

Microwave temperature is trickier to gauge in traditional microwaves, but Samsung's Smart Multi-Sensor in models such as the MWF600G Convection MWO helps you ensure that you never over- or under-cook a dish again. This microwave feature precisely reads a food's surface temperature every second so that you can move effectively through the cooking stages of your recipe without ruining it.

Built-in local recipes

Do you ever feel hungry but you're stumped about what to eat? Get some inspiration without needing to search for healthy recipes or look through a cookbook. Samsung models like the MWF600G Convection MWO and MW5000H Convection MWO include a wide variety of pre-programmed recipes that were specially-curated for the Middle East and India, as well as recipes for other regions.

Easier cleaning with ceramic

Cooking in a traditional microwave is usually convenient right up until the time you need to clean off weeks' worth of splatters and spills. Luckily, many Samsung microwaves, such as the MWF300G Grill MWO, offer a smooth, easy-to-clean ceramic interior. Using ceramic to line the microwaves makes it resistant to chips and scratches and is anti-bacterial for the freshest clean possible. The interior also prevents staining and discoloration, which happens in traditional microwaves over time.

Fresh yogurt, anytime

Middle Eastern cooks know that no rice-based dish like harees or maqloubeh is complete without some fresh yogurt to accompany it. Samsung models like MW5000H, MW5100H and MWF600G MWO have a special Fermentation Function that lets you make fresh yogurt in minutes. Try a variety of healthy recipes ranging from traditional Emirati dishes to yummy breakfast parfaits with berries and oats.

Cook food with ease

One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to cooking in a traditional microwave is cooking raw food like a steak or vegetables. Many people feel concerned about ensuring that their food is cooked properly, both for safety and for the purpose of preserving flavour and texture.

cook food with ease

Smart ovens such as Samsung's MWF600G Convection MWO model offer Raw Ingredient Cooking technology to identify your food's surface temperature – even if the dish is still frozen – and cook it to your liking.

No more strong smells

Famous chefs have always known that some of the most delicious food in the world – seafood, curries, garlic and onions – is also some of the most fragrant. While you might love the way they taste, you don't always love the lingering scent in your home. Luckily, Samsung models like the MW5000H Convection MWO offer a special Deodorisation setting so that your microwave smells fresh every time you use it.

energy saving

Save energy

While an -friendly microwave might not be necessary for healthy cooking, it does result in a healthier planet for everyone. Samsung models like the MW5000H Convection MWO offer ECO Mode features to ensure that your oven uses much less power while it's in use and while it's at rest. Not only do you reduce the carbon footprint for the entire household, but you also get lower electricity bills each month for significant savings with extended use.