WE Work - Mobile UC Solution For Wireless Enterprise

on Oct 25, 2012

WE Work from Samsung Electronics is an UC application for use under the wireless network environment inside and outside the company. This collaboration solution helps you better communicate with your colleagues by allowing you to use diverse communication services such as phone calls (linked with WE VoIP), group chat, work request and management, and location-based services, which are optimized for the working environment, on your personal smart devices.

Samsung Mobile UC  Solution

Extension phone functions suitable for smart devices

Samsung’s Communication Manager (CM) and WE VoIP client are linked to be optimized and provide extension phone functions frequently used in the office on personal smart devices. Together with extension phone functions used frequently, such as Conference, Hold, Transfer and Call Rejection, there are other functions that help you work more conveniently. For instance, the Wait function can be useful when receiving a call during meetings while the Later function reminds you to make calls they could not take.

Wait, Later & Call Back

Business CID (Premium CID displaying title/department, Context CID displaying relevant work)

Premium CID function lets you know who from which department is calling you when you are receiving a call. Even if a person not on the contact list of the smart device calls, it searches the server on which the staff DB is registered and shows the name, position and department.
Context CID is a function that shows the to-do lists shared with the caller so that the receiver has an idea of what the call is regarding. When dealing with various kinds of work, it is difficult to know in advance for what reason the other person is calling. With this function, you can work more efficiently

Premium CID / Context CID

Integrated Contacts List (Work + Personal Contacts List)

When using personal smart devices as one’s office phone, personal contact numbers and work-related contact numbers are saved undistinguished. If you use personal SNS services with the device, your work-related contact numbers can be unintentionally exposed.
WE Work saves work-related contact list in other storage space, separate from where personal contact numbers are saved, so that your work contacts list is not shared with other applications. It also provides an integrated contacts list function that enables you to manage work contact numbers and personal contact numbers on one page. Furthermore, by connecting to the server in which work contacts are saved, your colleagues can be searched. This function also shows the location, availability and presence of all employees so that you can see if the contact you want to talk is available or not. Within the office, the organization chart can be searched so that information of employees in other departments can be easily identified.

Comparison of integrated contact list and personal contact list
WE Work Integrated
Contacts List
Personal Contacts
1. Contacts Management Work contacts and personal contacts are managed separately.
(User can synchronize work contacts to personal contacts list.)
Personal contacts list is only available.
2. Contacts Search All employees in the organization chart can be searched. Only contacts saved in the device can be searched.
Name (initial)/department/title search supported Name (initial) search supported
3. Show Presence Status and location displayed Not available
VoIP/3G call status displayed Not available

Contacts List

Messenger for collaboration & To-Do list

In addition to the mobile messenger for enterprise function, WE Work provides the To-Do list function that enables you request a work and manage the work requested. With this function, the corporate decision-making process can be speeded up and productivity increased. Unlike general messengers, it adds diverse functions that are useful in working conditions, so that you can better communicate with other colleagues.

Comparison of WE Work Messenger and Other Messengers
WE Work Messenger Common Mobile Messengers
1. Available Contacts for Chat All employees (even employees who are not on the contacts list) Contacts saved in the contacts list (Contacts on your friend list only)
2. View Chat History Can see all of the previous chats even when joining a group chat later Cannot see previous chats
3. Message Read Confirmation Can see who did not read the message Can view the number of contacts who did not read only
4. Voice Memo Input 1 depth 3 depth
5. Work Request Work Request Available during the chat Not available
6. Emoticon Emoticons for work added Animated emoticon

Group chat

What if another person joins a chat where two colleagues have been chatting about a project for quite some time already? On WE Work, anyone who even joins a group chat later can see all of the previous dialogue, thus enabling the late comer to swiftly join the conversation. Who has read a message and who hasn’t can be checked and voice messages can be sent with just one touch.

Group Chat

To-Do list – Request work and manage To-Do list

With the To-Do list function of WE Work, you can not only manage your to-do list but can also request work to other colleagues and manage them by putting them on the schedule. All the lists made can be carried out accurately through communication between the person who has asked for it and the person carrying it out.

To-Do List

WLAN-linked location based services

Within the office, the device is automatically connected through WLAN so that you can easily use collaborative service functions via Wi-Fi. Also, by showing the presence of all employees, including whether they are at work, you can choose appropriate means of communication.

Location based service

* The above details are accurate as of September 2012, and they may be changed as a result of performance improvements.

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