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Increase efficiency
and convenience
with streamlined

Samsung KNOX EMM provides a cross-platform enterprise mobility
management and security service

Samsung KNOX2.0
Companies are seeking more holistic ways to manage a growing diversity of mobile devices within the enterprise.
Samsung KNOX EMM offers a complete set of cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM), Identity and Access Management
(IAM) and security services for cross-platform mobile devices.
Manage employees' devices effectively
with a cross-platform, cloud-based mobile
security solution
Samsung KNOX EMM provides IT administrators with a
cross-platform, cloud-based enterprise mobile management solution for managing employees’ devices. This solution provides the optimal balance between security and user productivity. It also helps businesses resolve common mobility adoption issues, such as IT skill limitations and the integration of diverse devices. KNOX container policies allow IT administrators to easily implement company guidelines and control the flow of information between the container and the rest of the device.
Receive convenient access to
apps with Single Sign-On
Samsung KNOX EMM provides employees with Single Sign-On (SSO) for easier, more convenient access to authorized business apps. KNOX EMM SSO eliminates the need for an additional login with simplified
single-click access to mobile and web apps. SSO optimizes security, manageability and accessibility. And, with IAM, IT managers can grant employees convenient, role-based app authorization, allowing them to enroll devices and activate KNOX SSO, thereby eliminating the need to log in
Provide users with easy and convenient
self-management of devices
With User Portal for Samsung KNOX EMM, you can enable employees to manage their own devices. Self-management lessens the burden on IT, and gives employees the freedom to be more productive. Following are User Portal capabilities:

ㆍ View location, device status and information
ㆍ Reset passcode and lock and wipe a device
ㆍ View or edit Active Directory (AD) account attributes,
     use account unblock and password reset
ㆍ Receive detailed user activity reporting

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