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Samsung has partnered with CellTrust® to bring you
SecureSMS® PULSE™, secure messaging and smart
pager technology specifically designed for healthcare
professionals' mobile devices.

An Innovative Solution for
Samsung devices

Through SEAP, Samsung has partnered with CellTrust to offer
SecureSMS PULSE, a robust mobile communication solution that
includes secure messaging and Smart Pager technology.
This market-tested solution is engineered specifically for
the healthcare industry to overcome the challenges
antiquated pagers present.

Gold partner samsung enterprise alliance program + CELLTRUST secure mobile

CellTrust Secure SMS PULSE

Enhanced communication solution
for healthcare
SecureSMS PULSE provides secure text messaging with extra
features providing efficient and reliable communication tool to
medical team.

Designed to support HIPAA compliant messaging

Your medical staff can feel confident that their communications
and critical patient health information are secure thanks to the Health
Communication Integration Server (HCCIS) which is designed to
support HIPAA compliance.

Interactive communication in real time

With Operator/Nursing Portals, medical personnel can quickly
communicate patient information through secure SMS/text messages
and email. And also a 4-digit code enables instantaneous
priority routing.

Reliable, high-level communication

Using DATA / Wi-Fi and the Telecommunications Critical
Control Channel (TCCC), a constant and dependable connection
can be maintained to compensate for hospital communication dead
spots. Resilient messaging is also provided, ensuring timely messages
are delivered to the right person at the correct time.

Nurse Portal Web-based Nursing and Operator Portal System / Mobile Operator / ISP / API Connections M2M like EMR, MDM, and Active Directory

A Full Suite of
Samsung Mobile Devices

GALAXY S4 Active

Dust and Water Proof With
Affordable Price
Samsung GALAXY S4 Active is equipped to take whatever the environ-
ment throws at it. With protection against water and dust, they are
ready to perform reliably and productively in unpredictable situations
whenever and herever the medical emergency arises.
Samsung GALAXY S4 ACTIVE GALAXY S4 Active Learn more


Business Companions with
Higher Performance
These compact, yet high-performing mobile devices give medical staff
the power to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Plus, they
offer the best portability with their convenient sizes.
Samsung GALAXY S4 mini / Samsung GALAXY S4 GALAXY S4 Learn more GALAXY S4 Mini Learn more

GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Note 2

Large Sized Screen and
Pen Experience for Senior Doctors
These mobile devices are the preferred choice for personnel who
want better readability, such as senior medical staff, or anyone who
wants easier ultitasking functionality. Plus, the included Samsung S
Pen offers easy, effective digital note taking with a true to life pen and
paper writing experience.
Samsung GALAXY Note 2 / Samsung GALAXY Note 3
GALAXY Note 3 Learn More


Always Connected Business Medical personnel can quickly and easily respond to alerts,
notifications and messages with this always-connected, handsfree,
wearable option. Commands respond to the sound of your voice
through the built-in speaker. These are invaluable hands-free tools
for hospital staff, particularly in the emergency room.
Samsung GALAXY Gear GALAXY Gear Learn More

Battery Value Pack

Go Wherever Business Takes You The pack includes an extra battery kit with a charging station so the
user can replace low batteries instantly and recharge the dead one
without any down time. This feature eliminates the inconvenience of
finding a charging station away from their work area to recharge.
Battery Value Pack

Samsung Mobile Care Pack
for Health

Care Pack is a comprehensive device
warranty service that improves
business continuity and delivers
value to IT asset management

Cost Management
For service request caused by defect and damaged devices,
Hospital can manage maintenance costs.
Continuous Communication
Communication continuity can be ensured through swap service
with prompt response.
Hospital can get the customized Warranty service to best fit
specific needs.
Extended Warranty / Accidental Damage Handling / Advanced Exchange Service Remote Care Service

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