DCT - Samsung Device Configuration Tool

Device Configuration Tool

Samsung Device Configuration Tool (DCT) helps businesses easily
manage user setting profiles for Samsung mobile devices,
including Samsung smartphones and tablets. Free and simple
to use based on Samsung’s MDM framework, DCT can support
IT teams and business users with multiple devices enable
enterprise-grade security and manageability.

Key Features

Easy creation and distribution of multiple profiles

  • Create multiple profiles for users at once with real time auto-saving
  • Distribute profiles to multiple devices with ability to set specific security level per user

Management of various configurations and restrictions

  • Manage policies for and control password, Bluetooth, bookmarks, digital certificates, screen display and advanced settings
  • Install multiple profiles for Wi-Fi, VPN, E-mail, Exchange ActiveSync, etc

Simple administration of installed and to-be installed applications

  • Import multiple applications at once and install to multiple devices
  • Prevent accidental uninstall of business applications

User Experience

DCT PC Application

Simple and intuitive user interface to manage and configure user profiles and applications on mobile devices

DCT PC Application

DCT Device Agent

Phone or tablet agent to install profile and receive apk

DCT Device Agent


DCT can be most helpful for small businesses with mobile users or business users with multiple mobile devices.
It is a free tool to easily manage profiles and applications of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Business Users

User with many devices can create multiple profiles for use in different situations and swap them out as needed, with each profile auto-saved on a central computer. Also, single profiles can be applied to multiple devices. For example, if a device is lost or stolen, a favorite saved profile can be reapplied to a replacement device.


Third-party developers can use DCT to assist in developing and testing applications under different conditions. For example, the Home button can be disabled to make it impossible for casual users to opt out of a demo application.

IT Managers

IT managers overseeing a fleet of devices can use DCT to manage multiple profiles. Each profile can have varying levels of security and access, making it easier to manage groups of devices. Additionally, security can be closely managed so users are unable to alter or change settings once the profile is installed.


Samsung Smart School Technical Training Pack
Samsung Device Configuration Tool PC Installer Win 32 samsung_dct-win32-v1.1.zip 120,791KB download
Samsung Device Configuration Tool Quick Start Guide (English) DCT_QSG_Eng_D07_120917.pdf 1,335KB download
  • In a 64-bit Windows, DCT may not work properly
  • Linux and Mac will be supported

System Requirements

Items Requirements
Computer OS Windows XP or Windows 7
Device OS Android Ice Cream Sandwich, MDM Framework version 2.1 or higher
CPU Pentium 1.8 GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Operating Memory 1 GB RAM minimum
Hard Drive Storage 500 MB for installation
Display 1024 x 768 (600), 32-bit

Need more Information?

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