• This STB comes with the innovative Tru2way technology, which provides an outstanding performance and offers seamless and flexible connection.


Various Home Network Connectivity
Various Home Network Connectivity
Compatibility across networks is essential when considering a STB solution. This STB ensures your customers can connect seamlessly with DLNA-based Home Networking, or by using MoCA or Ethernet Interface. In addition, it offers freedom and flexibility through its multi-room solution which allows viewers to watch many different programmes simultaneously.

Stable and Secure Performance

Stable and Secure Performance
An integrated and compatible HD STB solution is essential in this digital age. We have entered into partnership with the world’s leading software developers to pioneer technology that delivers a high-quality, reliable and secure performance for viewers.
Stable and Secure Performance

High Quality Broadcasting Solution

The SMT Series is fully compatible with HD broadcasting to deliver sharp, dynamic images and premium picture quality.



General Information

  • System O/S

  • Middleware

  • CAS

    Cable Card Slot
  • Home Connectivity

    MoCA 1.1 / Ethernet / DLNA

Physical Features

  • Memory

    512MB DRAM / 128MB Flash
  • Tuner

    1 QAM / 1 DOCSIS
  • Cable Modem

    DOCSIS 2.0
  • Codec

    Video Codec
    MPEG-2 / MEPG-4/H.264
    Audio Codec
    MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 / Dolby Digital
  • Graphic

    2D/3D graphics
  • A/V Output

    HDMI / Component / Composite
  • Peripherals

    USB 2.0 / RJ-45
  • Remote Control


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