• This HD satellite STB lets you enjoy various and wide channels while providing a reliable set of services like the multi-tuner solution and excellent storage options.


Multi-Tuner Solution
Multi-Tuner Solution
Today choice and flexibility are fundamental factors when selecting a home entertainment solution. The SMT-S5260 STB delivers both with its multi-tuner which allows your users to watch one channel and simultaneously record another programme, maximising their viewing potential and pleasure. This feature is also available with our Samsung high-end STB, bringing full watch and optional record functionality in a high definition environment.

Stable and Secure Performance

Stable and Secure Performance
An integrated and compatible HD STB solution is essential in this digital age. We have entered into partnership with the world’s leading software developers to pioneer technology that delivers a high-quality, reliable and secure performance for viewers.

PVR-Ready With Multiple Content Loading Options

PVR-Ready With Multiple Content Loading Options
This STB has excellent storage capabilities thanks to its external HDD module. As a result, this product is capable of performing a PVR service. In addition, its USB module enables multimedia content such as photos, personal videos and music to be loaded from a range of external devices.
High Quality Broadcasting Solution

High Quality Broadcasting Solution

The SMT Series is fully compatible with HD broadcasting to deliver sharp, dynamic images and premium picture quality.


General Information

  • System O/S

  • Middleware

  • CAS

    Smart Card Slot

Physical Features

  • Memory

    256MB DRAM / 128MB Flash(NVRAM 32KB)
  • Tuner

    2 DVB-S2
  • Codec

    Video Codec
    PAL/MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
    Audio Codec
    MPEG-1 / MPEG-4 / Dolby Digital +
  • Capacity

    External HDD
  • A/V Output

    HDMI / Composite / Component / Audio L/R / SPDIF
  • Peripherals

    (e)SATA / USB / RJ-45
  • Remote Control


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