Samsung 8X Tray load External Slim DVD Writer supports USB Bus Powered. Just simply plug it to the USB port to get power and no need to worry about the AC Adaptor. Furthermore, this model supports both 12cm & 8cm discs. And the Manual Disc Eject function can let the disc ejected even when the power is off!

USB BUS powered

No AC adaptor needed when reading and writing.

Manual disc eject function

Easy disc eject without power supply.

12cm and 8cm disc support

Supports both 12cm and 8cm standard round type disc.

Firmware live update

Automatically upgrades the latest firmware version through internet by continued support of newer media.

Prevents buffer under run error and enables high speed writing

• Buffer Under Run occurs in high speed writing, when speed is faster than data transfer speed.
• Buffer Under Run technology prevent the Buffer Under Run Error and it enables Multitasking on the PC.
Supports high speed writing even in low performance PC.

Double OPC (Optimum Power Control) in DVD+R

• Usually the outer side of the disc has lower writing quality because of the vibration and swaying of the disc makes the servo signal worse.
• Double OPC technology enables to check not only in the inner but also in the outer side of the disc, optimising the laser power on each area in order to perform the most reliable writing.

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