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Eco-Conscious Service

Go Sustainable With Samsung Customer Service

Samsung Everyday Sustainability Samsung Everyday Sustainability

Eco-Conscious Repair

You can choose to reduce e-waste by replacing only the parts needed.

● We’re introducing component-level repairs that aim to replace only the defective part(s) of your product instead of replacing entire assembly modules.

● By minimising the amount of service parts used in the repair process, we can reduce production of parts, which reduces electronic waste, and ultimately carbon emissions.

● This service is only available for specific smartphones and repair types. You may visit Screen Repair Pricing for more details.

Eco-Conscious Paper-free

Go paper-free with us by requesting our service centres to send you information digitally.

● We’re striving towards a paper-free environment at our service centres. Service centres will give you an option to get your product repair information through email.

● Let's all do our part to make our planet a little greener through making small but meaningful conscious efforts and choosing digital.

Samsung Recycling

Drop-off your old mobile devices at our collection point — we will take care of the recycling.

● Customers who wish to dispose of broken or used mobile products can simply drop them off at the collection points at our Plaza Singapura, Westgate and VivoCity service centres.

● We will work together with recycling companies to take care of the last step in an environmentally-friendly way.

● Suitable products: Small products such as mobile phone or wearable devices.