TV when it’s on,
ART when it’s off

2020 The Frame
The 2020 Samsung The Frame TV is mounted on the wall displaying artwork, blending in with other artwork and picture frames.
Be inspired. We know your space deserves more than just a TV. It deserves a TV that's always beautiful whether it's on or off, one that reflects who you are and what you love, that changes whenever your mood strikes, and delivers the sumptuous picture of QLED. It deserves The Frame.

Why is it called
The Frame?

Frame Design

We designed The Frame to be a TV that looks like an elegant picture frame. Because the simplest ideas are often the most beautiful.

Why is it called The Frame
Close-up of three The Frame TV corners mounted on the wall like picture frames. Each are fitted with a customisable bezel in colours black, brown, and beige.

What makes The Frame special?

Art Mode

We bring the beauty of a gallery to your space with The Frame, displaying your favourite works of art when it's off.

What makes The Frame special
The Frame TV mounted on the wall with colourful abstract artwork on-screen, showing how Art Mode turns your home into a gallery.

What can you experience
with QLED?

QLED Technology

We enrich your viewing experience with QLED technology — in ways you never thought possible.

The Frame TV placed on a stand displaying a scene with 100% real colour and high resolution powered by QLED technology for an optimal viewing experience. In the corner text shows the Smart TV is powered by TIZEN.
With The Frame TV in the center of an art gallery, the space transforms into a living room. On the wall, The Frame TV shows pieces to choose from in Art Mode with Art Mode written in the corner. Zooming in to see Art Mode up close, the camera then zooms back out to show floral artwork onscreen with flowers growing around The Frame TV in the living room. It zooms out further to see a coastal artwork on The Frame TV surrounded by a coastal-themed living room. Continuing to zoom out, a jungle artwork is seen on The Frame TV as trees grow through the living room. This shows the ways artwork can be customized and placed to blend perfectly with the space and enhance the décor. A hand presses one button and the screen changes to TV Mode, with a collection of streaming services and show options onscreen. Then as a hand turns off The Frame TV, it goes back to Art Mode as the camera zooms out to show the floral artwork onscreen once more in the living room. The screen goes black and in white text shows The Frame TV's slogan, "TV when it's on, art when it's off." The final scene shows the black screen and white Samsung logo. Please note the images are simulated and used for illustration purposes only. The Frame TV's Art Mode specifications and GUI may vary by model or region.
The art gallery is filled with visitors. Suddenly, paintings in different places of the gallery disappears leaving the frames empty. The security guard, students, docent, art conservators, and all the people looking at paintings are startled at the missing painting. A guy is sitting on his sofa and browsing through fine art paintings on The Frame. The below subtitle reads: Enjoy more than 1,000 pieces of art through a paid subscription service. Each customisable Frame is sold separately. All images and user interfaces seen here are dramatizations for the purposes of demonstration. HBO NOW is only available in the US and a subscription required. The world’s finest artworks instantly available in stunning detail with QLED technology. Scene pans to an angled view of The Frame hanging on a living room wall to show an example of how it's a TV when on and an art piece when off.
Step-by-step instructions show you how to display photos in The Frame TV's Art Mode. Start SmartThings App and select Photos, then choose the photos from your smartphone. Select Matte Layout and colour on the app and choose from various options. Then select Photos on The Frame to display the photo on the TV screen.
The Frame TV hangs on the wall. Turned off, it shows an illustration of giraffes in Art Mode with text saying Art Mode beside it. Turned on, it shows a group of giraffes moving around the wild with text saying TV Mode beside it. With text saying The Frame above The Frame TV, there's a split-screen comparison to show the difference between a picture in Art Mode and a live video in TV Mode. The split-screen shows more of TV Mode, then more of Art Mode, then stops in the middle with the text "Art + TV come together" appearing. The final scene shows a black screen with The Frame in white text.
* Electricity consumption occurs in Art Mode

How The Frame changes your space

* Customisable bezels sold separately. Available colours may vary by region.
* Available art displayed may differ from image shown. Some art may require purchase or paid subscription with the Art Store. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.
* QLED has received verification from the world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100 percent colour volume. 100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 standard.

Choose the size to suit your needs

Art takes on different personalities in different sizes. We offer The Frame at sizes from epic to intimate to suit your needs.

The Frame TV, 75-inch model

The Frame 75" (2020)

The Frame TV, 65-inch model

The Frame 65" (2020)

The Frame TV, 55-inch model

The Frame 55" (2020)


Ways to make a beautiful gallery

Samsung The Frame TV makes any space, from your living room to your office, look like a gallery because it goes well with any interior.

The Frame Design

How did The Frame gets its name?

Discover how The Frame is more than just a TV.

The Frame TV seen at an angle, highlighting the frame-look design and customisable bezels available in various colours that you can match with your mood.

Better Together

Studio Stand without TV

Studio Stand

Four different colour bezels

Customisable Bezel

One Invisible Connection

One Invisible Connection

A set of soundbars