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The opportunity to express yourself. In your space, your own unique way.

Find the TV that suits your lifestyle

  • Screen Size

  • Bezel colour

  • 75", 65", 55"
  • Charcoal Black (Customisable Frame sold separately)
  • 55", 43"
  • Cloud White
  • 43"
  • Navy Blue

Your space is a reflection of who you are and how you live. Reimagine it in your own unique way and experience all the possibilities. With Samsung, you’ll naturally want to recreate your lifestyle.

The Frame

TV when it’s on, ART when it’s off

The Frame turns your TV into a piece of elegantly framed art, with customisable bezel colours and a range of curated art available on the Samsung Art Store. Give your space the inspiration it deserves.

* Customisable bezels sold separately.
** Available art displayed may differ from image shown. Some art may require purchase or paid subscription with the Art Store. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.
Multiple The Frame TVs are shown installed in a variety of ways with different colour bezels and with each of its art collection onscreen.

The Serif

Unconditionally Beautiful

The Serif looks great from all angles. Place it anywhere in the room and it will certainly stand out. It has a detachable floor stand, quick connections with your mobile, and Samsung’s award-winning QLED technology for brilliant picture quality. Make The Serif your statement piece at home.

*Subject to device compatibility.
The Serif products are shown in three stylish rooms, two on detachable stands and one on a tabletop, and all showing beautiful ocean images onscreen.

The Sero

Mobile Entertainment, better on TV

The Sero's ability to rotate between portrait and landscape modes makes it easy for you to enjoy your mobile content on the large screen. Complemented with The Sero’s 4.1ch 60-watt speakers, get ready to be surrounded by powerful sound anytime.

*Subject to device compatibility.
The Sero products are shown to inform how to use The sero in a variety of ways. The first is in portrait mode, In the second, mobile mirroring to The Sero in Portrait mode. The third shows a stylish nighttime cityscape image in horizontal mode.
"A hand placing a mobile phone on top of The Serif. The words Instant Music Play appear, along with a disclaimer that reads “Compatible devices only. Specifications subject to change without notice.” This scene demonstrates how easy it is to connect your mobile to The Serif and stream your music. A close-up of The Serif TV from the profile zooms outward to show the screen with various images and transitioning through several scenes with the words, “in every place,” appearing. As the scene shifts from one woman to two people sitting in a stylish living room, the words “at every moment,” appear. The room décor transitions, showing various colours of The Serif in different settings, demonstrating The Serif’s stylish versatility and ability to blend into any décor. The transitions continue and we see The Serif’s iconic I profile close-up again with a dusky red screen. The scene shifts to a white cat perched atop The Serif with the words “iconic design” appearing. Then we see a Cloud White Serif TV on a black stand and the camera pans around the TV with the words “from every angle,” showing on the screen and “360 All Round Design,” in the bottom right corner.  Then the screen goes white and two words “Unconditionally beautiful” appear. We then see three brief scenes from earlier in the video repeated quickly, followed by a view of the back of The Serif. The camera angle pans around again showing the front of the TV with various room styles and screen images, all showing a disclaimer along the bottom that reads “the appearance and design, which do not affect product performance, are subject to change without notice. Available colours may vary by region.” Finally, we see all three sizes of The Serif arrayed neatly in a row without stands. From left is a 138cm Dark Blue the Serif, a 123cm Clay Beige the Serif, and a 108cm Burgundy Red the Serif. On the right is a 138cm Cloud White the Serif on a black stand. All the TVs are showing the clock in Ambient mode, and the words “The Serif,” appear in the center of the scene. The final scene is all black with the Samsung logo in white.
A stylish private drawing room is shown, complete with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a stylish brown leather couch with an area rug in front of it, and a window looking out over a city skyline. Perfectly blending into the scene is Sero, set to portrait mode and its screen showing books on a shelf so that it looks exactly like part of the shelves behind it. At first, you don’t even notice the Sero. And then the camera slowly zooms in on it before shifting to a closeup of someone turning the pages on a book. Then it shifts back to the opening scene and, as it continues to close in on Sero, the TV begins to rotate and its screen turns to black. When it has fully transitioned to landscape, we see on its screen a scene of an astronaut in a suit walking in what looks like a Mars-like environment with hills in the background and dust rising as he walks. All the while, the camera is closing in on Sero. Then, the scene shifts one more time to a different angle showing Sero slightly from the left side with the corner of the room as the background. Then the video turns to black and the words, “the sero” appear on screen, rotating from a slightly diagonal position to horizontal. Then the Samsung logo appears and the video finishes.
A close-up of various rotating rectangles transition to The Frame TV with the words "The Frame" appearing in the center. The camera zooms out to see a rectangle-inspired artwork hanging and rotating from the ceiling, with two The Frame TVs in the center of the artwork. The camera zooms in, and we see hangers snap on The Frame TV's customizable bezels in white then brown bezel for another The Frame TV. Please note this scene with the customizable bezel is a simulated image. After this scene, the hanger holding The Frame TV mounts it on the wall. A hand holding One Remote Control is briefly shown pressing the power button, turning off the TV and turning on Art Mode. The words "Art Mode, with over 1,200 pieces of art" appear on-screen, as a variety of masterpieces appear and scroll through until one is selected. Once the masterpiece is selected, the words "Customizable Frame of your choice" appear as the brown bezel is now replaced with beige. The camera zooms out to show how it fits in with the décor and continues to zoom out, the scene changing to The Frame TV placed on a Studio Stand with waves crashing down on-screen with the words "TV when it's on" appearing. As the camera continues to zoom out, The Frame TV turns off and switches to a famous artwork with the words "Art when it's off" appearing. The video ends with a close-up of four corners of four The Frame TVs in brown, black, beige, and white bezels as they move along a wall with the words "The Frame" appearing. The final scene is all black with the Samsung logo in white. Please note the Customizable Frames and Studio Stand are sold separately and available colours may vary by region. The Studio Stand is only compatible with certain TV sizes. Remote controls will also vary by region. Please check Samsung official website for more information.
The Frame with a black bezel is mounted stylishly on a white wood wall in a kitchen. Onscreen is an image of water lilies on a wall and in the foreground a mother and daughter are drawing something at a table.
Four people are sitting in a large stylish living room with The Sero placed in portrait mode directly in front of them, mirroring one of their Instagram feeds.
A Navy blue model of The Sero has been placed in portrait mode by the door of a café, showing the time against a black screen. A customer is standing in front of it.
*Actual Product may differ from image shown. Please see our product gallery.

Better Together

Discover the accessories to match your TV and optimise your viewing experience.

The Frame sits on the Samsung Studio Stand.

Studio Stand

Place The Frame anywhere you like. Elevate the look with a stylish studio stand for a truly artistic vibe.

* The Studio Stand (VG-SEST11K) is compatible with 55”/65” The Frame TVs only.
** The Studio Stand (VG-SEST11K) is sold separately.
Customisable bezels sold separately. Available colours may vary by region.

Customisable Bezel

Choose a colour to match your style.

* Customisable bezels sold separately. Available colours may vary by region.
Customisable bezels sold separately. Available colours may vary by region.
The Frame TV is seen mounted on a clean wall in Art Mode, with a simple light moving through One Invisible Connection to highlight the neat look.

One Invisible Connection 15m

Create a neater and more open look in your space with a longer invisible connection.

*15m One Invisible Connection sold separately.