samsung care plus

Certified care by
Samsung experts

Samsung Care+ is provided by Samsung authorized technicians who are
trained to repair Samsung Galaxy devices.

Accidents happen but Samsung Care+ has you covered

Enjoy peace of mind with Samsung Care+, a wide-ranging mobile care plan for your new Galaxy device. You’ll stay worry-free beyond the standard warranty, with complete protection for all accidental breakage and breakdown for up to 2 years. Whatever happens, our Galaxy experts will work to help get you back on track.

Here's what's covered

Here is what is covered Here is what is covered
Here is what is covered Here is what is covered
Coverage details


12 Months 24 Months
Usual Retail Price Usual Retail Price
Samsung Care+ Screen Care Z Fold5, Z Fold4 $180 $360
Z Flip5, Z Flip4 $125 $250
Samsung Care+
S24 Series $105 $210
S23 Series
S22 Series
S23 FE $71 $142
A54, A34, A53 $51 $102
A25, A15, A23, A14, A13, A05s $31 $62
Tablets 12 Months 24 Months
Usual Retail Price Usual Retail Price
Samsung Care+ Tab S9 Series, Tab S8 Series $105 $210
Tab S9 FE Series $71 $142
Tab A9 Series $51 $102
  • Please refer to approximate service fees here
  • Samsung Care+ prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Samsung Care+ coverage may vary by country, model and deductibles may apply.

How is our service comparable to competitors and basic warranty?

  • Basic manufacturer warranty covers :

    Read about our basic warranty here.
  • Services include:
    • 50% savings on out-of-warranty repairs (up to 2 times for 24M policy)1
    • Service support at your doorstep (up to 2 times for 24M policy)1 ,3
    • Diagnostic device checks
    • 24/7 remote support (via Samsung Hotline and Live Chat)
    • 12 months extended warranty for SC+ (24 months)
    • 1 time complimentary screen protective film replacement (up to 2 times for 24M)* ,1
    • 1 time complimentary application of screen protective film at Service Centre (up to 2 times for 24M)**** ,1
    • 1 time screen repair at $50 for main screen (within SC+ coverage duration)****
    • 1 time screen replacement at $100 for cover screen or main screen (within SC+ coverage duration )**
    • 1 time complimentary screen replacement for cover screen or main screen (within SC+ coverage duration)***

    * Exclusively for Galaxy Z Fold3 | Flip3, Fold4 | Flip4 and Fold5 | Flip5.
    ** Exclusively for Galaxy Z Fold4 | Flip4 and Fold5 | Flip5 purchased after 15 September 2023.
    *** Exclusively for Galaxy Z Fold5 | Flip5 5G purchased between 26 July 2023 to 15 September 2023.
    ****Exclusively for Galaxy S24 Series purchased between 18 Jan to 31 Dec 2024.
    • Loss of the product
    • Deliberate damage
    • Cosmetic damage
    • Pickpocketing or theft of any kind
    • Lack of reasonable care
    • Damages resulting from normal wear and tear

How and where to buy

Getting covered is easy. You can buy Samsung Care+ with your new Galaxy device or within 60 days of your device activation. Just choose one of the online or offline options below.
Get 50% off Samsung Care+! Applicable for Galaxy Z Fold5 | Flip5, Z Fold4 | Flip4, S23 Series, S22 Series, S23 FE, A54, A34*

*Promotion valid till 31st Dec 2024.

How to claim your benefits
with Samsung Care+

A Samsung professional will help you find out your device status and purchase Samsung Care+ at your nearest Samsung Customer Service.

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Call 1800 – GALAXYS (4252997) or email

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Limited to one-time for Samsung Care+ (12-months) and two-time for Samsung Care+ (24-months).
  • 2 Discount off out-of-warranty repair cost (One-time/Two-time) based on Samsung Care+ (12 months/24 months) Plans respectively.
  • 3 Onsite support is only applicable for mobile smartphones.