OLED TV: A revolution in TV OLED TV: A revolution in TV

OLED TV: A revolution in TV


Remember your first TV? Television’s come a long way since the cathode ray tube. Now it’s taken a giant leap forward with the latest breakthrough: the OLED TV. You might have heard people talk about OLED before, but what does it actually mean? Why is it so important? Discover just why OLED TV is such a revolution and how it could change the way we are entertained - not just today but in the future.

What is OLED?

OLED stands for “organic light emitting diode”. Each diode has three subpixels - red, green, and blue - that make up a single pixel. It takes two million pixels to create the picture you see on your OLED TV screen. But here’s the most important part: unlike in LED TVs, new OLED diodes use a special organic component that provides its own light source for each pixel. On the other hand, LED or LCD TVs need an additional light source.

Samsung flexible OLED screen

With no backlighting, OLED displays have fewer components so they’re a lot slimmer. That’s why OLED technology is used in lots of handheld devices like smartphones, tablets and cameras. It means you can enjoy the ultimate picture quality in a slim and portable form. And now the latest developments in OLED mean that the technology can be used in a full-sized TV for the first time ever. That’s how the revolutionary Samsung S9C OLED TV was born.

The ultimate picture

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The S9C simply blew us away with some of the best images we have ever seen.

AV Forums

OLED picture quality
OLED TV - blur-free motion

You’ll immediately notice the Samsung OLED TV’s eye-popping picture quality. Stunning images with true-to-life colours, ultimate contrast levels and virtually blur-free motion. And here’s how it’s done:

Because colour filters aren’t needed, the Samsung OLED TV can create a colour palette 30% richer than an LED TV. You'll experience breathtakingly clear images bursting with colours so realistic you'll forget you’re watching a screen.

Unlike earlier TVs, the Samsung OLED TV can produce an entirely new standard of contrast. Since each pixel creates its own light source, it can be turned up to be as bright as possible for pure whites. It can also be dimmed or even completely switched off to produce deeper natural blacks and enhance shadow detail in every scene. The Samsung OLED TV finally gives you true, absolute contrast.

Thanks to OLED technology, you can also enjoy perfectly fluid images during the quickest of moving sequences. This is because it achieves a much higher screen response rate than LCD TVs, making sure you never miss a moment of the action.

Did you know - curved screens

Ahead of the curve

Groundbreaking OLED technology lets TV designers and engineers go far beyond flat screens. They can now make curved TV sets. The edges of the screen are brought closer to you, which creates a wider field of view and makes it seem a lot larger. This means far more immersive and enjoyable viewing than ever before.

Inspired by the arc of a classical arena, the Samsung OLED TV’s elegant Timeless Arena design is unlike anything you’ve seen. The TV’s beautiful curved shape has been carefully developed so that it’s optimised for the human eye and it means that the distance between the viewer and the screen is the same, so you can enjoy the best possible picture quality. This curve almost seems to wrap around you, drawing you into the picture to provide a uniquely immersive viewing experience.

Samsung S9C curved design
OLED TV - Multi View

Two TVs in one

The Samsung S9C OLED TV brings the debut of an incredible new technology called Multi View. Two people wearing Multi View glasses can see and listen to their own TV channels, movies or games on the entire screen at once in Full HD. No more arguing over what to watch.

It works in all kinds of situations: one viewer can watch TV while the other enjoys a Blu-ray or a videogame. With multiplayer games, each player can now see their viewpoint in full screen. Multi View glasses can be used for both Multi View and 3D viewing – in fact you can even play two different 3D movies on the same screen simultaneously. They also have built-in audio, giving you clear stereo sound for whatever you’re watching.

Multi View combinations

Multi View combinations

TV just got even smarter

Samsung’s S9C OLED TV also offers the latest Smart TV innovations. This includes S Recommendation with Voice Interaction. Instead of surfing channels, you can now just ask for viewing suggestions using ordinary speech. S Recommendation learns what you like to watch, so the more you watch, the smarter it becomes at finding things you’ll enjoy. With Samsung’s Smart Hub, it’s much easier to explore a wealth of great movies, TV shows, apps, social networks and more.

And thanks to Smart Evolution*, the Samsung OLED TV is future-ready, so it will be as cutting edge tomorrow as it is today.

AV Forums Reference Status awarded to the Samsung Smart hub Platform (14th March 2013).

Samsung Smart Hub

* Evolution Kit sold separately. It will enhance your smart features to the levels of the corresponding year of launch of your Evolution Kit. Only the software and processing hardware will be upgraded; other hardware will not be upgraded. Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV. Please check www.samsung.com for more details before installing the Evolution Kit.

What the experts are saying

Reviewers are raving about the new Samsung S9C OLED TV. See for yourself:

"The Samsung KE55S9C lives up to all its early promise, producing the kind of black levels that enthusiasts have only dreamed about before."
"The S9C sets new benchmarks when it comes to black level, contrast ratio and dynamic range."
10 / 10
- AV Forums

"In terms of picture quality the Samsung S9C is the best direct-view display we’ve ever laid eyes on."
- HDTV test

Review logos

See a video review of the Samsung S9C OLED TV from Which?

See the revolution for yourself

Eager to discover more about the Samsung S9C OLED TV? Visit the link below to find out all about its spectacular picture quality, elegant design and new features like Multi View.

Can’t wait to see the Samsung OLED TV in action? Click below to locate your nearest retailer and experience it for yourself.


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