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This summer 50 amazing families tell their story through the lens of our new smartphone, the Galaxy K zoom.

Welcome to 100 Days of Family.

The Coxs.

A view to a thrill.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 100

See The Cox’s story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

Ruth and Dan found the perfect place for the family to enjoy the Dawlish Air Show. Take a look at their amazing day out, where spectacular flyovers and daring formations were at a perfect shooting distance.

The Anams.

Lord of the manor.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 80

See The Anam’s story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

First birthdays are special. To mark the big day, Mohammad and Shafen took their little one, also Mohammad, on a family adventure. Take a look at their train trip to Waddesdon Manor. 

The Dochertys.

Escape to the country.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 73

See The Docherty’s story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

Kelly-Anne and Lawrence left London for the peaceful village life in South Wales. To celebrate their anniversary, they took the family out for countryside picnic.

The Fiandacas.

Fun in the Ibiza sun.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 66

See The Fiandaca’s story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

Emma and the family take a break from busy London in a quiet Ibiza village of Santa Gertrudis. With pools and beaches close at hand, it was the perfect place to try out the new action shot.

The Perkins.

First-time fishermen.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 59

See The Perkins' story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

The Perkins family visited the Isle of Wight but they didn’t just stay on the beach. Emma and Guy took their little nippers out on a boat and went fishing for crabs.

The Gasparis.

Sunshine and capoeira.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 52

See The Gaspari's story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K zoom.

The Gaspari family are passionate about capoeira. It’s part dancing, part martial art and totally Brazilian – just like them. They unleashed their skills at a park in London.

The Jaggers.

Prince for a day.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 38

See The Jaggers’ story in their own pictures, taken on the Galaxy K Zoom.

When Wayne and Rachel Jagger named their baby after their grandfathers, both named George, they didn't realise they'd start a trend. A few days later a certain royal couple chose the same name for the future king.

The Brewers.

On the road again.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 31

See The Brewers’ story in their own pictures.

Andy Brewer is passionate about restoring camper vans. He’s also passionate about making sure his family has holidays to remember. The Brewers headed to Devon and combined the two.

The Staples.

My Daddy will rock you!

#100DaysofFamily - Day 24

See The Staples' story in their own pictures.

Lara Staples is her dad’s biggest fan. But she's not his only one, he's in a band. For once, Lara gets to stay up late and see him rock out.

The Siggers.

We move house everyday.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 17

See The Siggers' story in their own pictures.

The Siggers can move house everyday. That's family life when you live on a houseboat. Everyday is a new adventure story and little Gracie loves it.

The Rews.

A wild swim down the river.

#100DaysofFamily - Day 10

See The Rews' story in their own pictures.

There's nothing like a day out swimming with the family. Kate Rew thinks so. But the Rews are all about the great British outdoors, so rather than popping down the local baths Kate prefers to take the family wild swimming. We watch the Rews as they get their feet wet in the heart of Devon.

What's your family's story?

Right now, more families than ever tell their stories through the photos they share, they speak pictures. To celebrate the launch of our most photographic smartphone ever, the Galaxy K zoom, we’re asking all kinds of modern British families to use it to tell one great story about themselves.

If your family has a story happening in July and August, we’d love to hear from you. We'll take ten of our favourite stories and give the families a brand new Galaxy K zoom for free. If your story is chosen all you have to do is spend a couple of days using the K zoom to capture it and then share the results with us.

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