S Note

Taking PC experience to a new level.
Linkage of mobile device and PC that fast and easy!

Manage your S Note content on your PC!

Browse S Note files with ease

Thanks to S Note, you can efficiently create, edit and
manage all the notes on mobile device and PC.
Simply sign into the Samsung account or Evernote
account to access S Note anywhere. By
synchronisation, all note files will be immediately
available on your PC anytime, anywhere.

This image explains when you sign into your Samsung account or EVERNOTE account, the alert message will pop up to say that S Note content synced in your Smartphone can be shown on your PC.

New S Note for More Convenience

S Note has a lot of user-friendly functions giving you a massive advantage over other notes. You can copy, move or delete files, and create folders to easily manage your notes. In addition, you can find or check your notes any time using Library, Favourites, Tag, etc. Editing Configuration of the folder or file with the account on a PC, there is synchronisation in progress. After completing that, the editing work applies equally to the mobile device.

* It is only available on Note 3 and the next generation of GALAXY Note.

This image displays a two way arrow in-between S Note list on Smartphone and S Note list on PC.

Available on Multiple windows!

New S Note supports multiple windows, viewing
several notes at once. You can multi-task a number of
different jobs with more than 2 windows open, greatly
enhancing your productivity and helping you complete
more jobs in less time.

This image explains S Note installed on laptop can be popped up in multiple windows.

Supports interactive media functions

With S Note, you can include all your cherished memories in your notes. The newly refreshed S Note supports YouTube and Voice Memo, making it easy to enjoy interactive contents. Just select YouTube videos or voice memos included in the notes - and play!

This image explains that you can enjoy S Note content created in Youtube or Voice Memo not only on your Smartphone but also on your PC with S Note.

The minimum PC system requirements to use S Note software

System requirements to use S Note software
CPU Intel® Pentium™4 1.6GHz or higher
RAM 2GB or more
HDD 500 Mbytes Free space
OS Windows 7