Audit Committee

A sharp increase in the number of Independent Directors made it difficult for the Company to convene Board meetings as often as is needed. Therefore, the Company set up committees under the Board in accordance with relevant laws and delegated some of the Board authority to the committees, each of which is filled with Directors who can bring their expertise and experience to the assigned committee.

Board committees, established and operating in accordance with Article 28-2 of Articles of Incorporation, are as set forth:

  • Management Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Independent Director Recommendation Committee
  • Related Party Transactions Committee

Each agenda approved by board committees is instantly notified to all Directors, and each Director may call for the convocation of Board meetings within two days from the notice. The Board of Directors may put the resolutions approved by the committees for voting at the Board meeting.

(1) General Description

The Audit Committee is a committee under the Board of Directors that supervises and supports management in a way that may maximize corporate value through checks and balances. It was established in 2000 to replace the previous existing auditors.

(2) Composition

The Audit Committee comprises of three Directors, more than two thirds of whom shall be Independent Directors. The committee members are appointed by resolution at the Board meeting.

Current members are all Independent Directors, and the head of the committee is Independent Director In-Ho Lee.

Audit Committee members
In-Ho Lee
(Head of the committee)
Han-joong Kim Kwang-Soo Song
(3) Operation

Regular meeting: Audit Committee meetings shall be held at least once every quarter

Convening of Meetings
The Head shall call meetings and notify the members and other participants of the meeting time and place at least 24 hours in advance.

Method of Resolution
The presence of the majority of all Directors shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Board of Directors and the resolutions of the Board of Directors shall be adopted by a majority of the votes of the Directors attending the meeting; provided that Board meetings may take place via electronic means, such as conference call, within the scope provided by relevant laws.

4)Authority and Responsibiity

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Audit Committee shall have the following authority:

  • Authority to audit business of the Company
  • Authority to request reports on the business status of the Company and investigate assets of the Company
  • Authority to receive reports from Directors
  • Authority to investigate subsidiaries of the Company
  • Authority to request to stop any acts in violation of laws and regulations or the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Authority to Institute Various Actions
  • Authority to request the convocation of a general meeting of shareholders
  • Authority to recommend candidates for external auditors
  • Any other authority granted to the committee by relevant laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation or a Board resolution

For the Audit Committee to maintain independence and check-and-balance, the Company entitles the audit committee members the following authorities by regulation:

  • Duty of Good Faith
  • Duty to investigate and report to a general meeting of shareholders
  • Duty to investigate and report to the Board
  • Duty to Prepare Report on the Audit Results
  • Duty to Prepare and Submit Audit Report
  • Duties under the Act on External Audit of Stock Companies
(5) Activities
27 April, 2016
Agenda Attendance
Appointment of the head of Audit Committee 3/3 present
Report on 1Q16 financial statement and business report
Report on 1Q16 non-audit activities
12 February, 2016
Agenda Attendance
Review of the 2016 AGM agenda 3/3 present
Assessment of 2015 activities of internal compliance system
27 January, 2016
Agenda Attendance
Report on 2015 financial statement and business report 3/3 present
Report on 2015 internal accounting management system activities
Report on 4Q15 non-audit activities
Report on 2015 audit activities