Corporate Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility(CSR) vision is to build a society where people, society and the environment coexist in harmony.
As a part of our CSR efforts, we are committed to transparency and delivering important information to our shareholders to continuously build confidence and trust in us.

Here you can find information about the critical social and environmental issues that we face in our operation and our CSR/Sustainability management.

Contents of 2014 Sustainability Report

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
    Sustainability Issue:
    Human Resource
  • Section 3
    Sustainability Issue:
    Health and Safety
  • Section 4
    Sustainability Issue:
    Sustainable Eco-Product
  • Section 5
    Sustainability Issue:
    Water Conservation
  • Section 6
    Sustainability Issue:
    Shared Growth
  • Section 7
    Sustainability Issue:
    Supplier Compliance
  • Section 8
    Sustainability Issue:
    Conflict Minerals
  • Section 9
    Sustainability Issue:
    Product Accessibility
  • Section 10
    Sustainability Issue:
    Global Social Contribution
  • Section 11
    Environmental Report
Please visit here to download past sustainability reports.