Explore 3D

Explore 3D


You can enjoy 3D content at home on demand provided by Samsung branded 3D VOD application, 'Explore 3D.' Explore 3D provides variety of free 3D content ranging from music videos, kids classic cartoons, documentaries, and movie/game trailers.

※ When you ask Developer due to errors of the application, please include 1) Country, 2) Model Number, 3) App version.

(You can find the model number on the back of your TV.)

※ Explore 3D is only compatible with 3D TV.

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Love it G00001329452

Its amazing and spectacular product for home & business as well, its cover 360 device characteristic with 3D era.. just LOVE it. Read More » G00001329452

imageologist June 25, 2012

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