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Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Enable seamless transactions and personalized service to improve your customers’ experience in the branch. The mobile-first bank branch connects customers to your branch starting from their personal devices all the way to how you greet them at the door and the quality of service they receive.

Collect Omnichannel Data

Mobilize transactions and enable data collection with omnichannel, paperless workflows utilizing digital signature technology that start on your customers’ mobile devices and are completed in the branch. Self-service kiosks present another opportunity for data collection, enabling low-touch, high-margin transactions and providing educational content tailored to customer needs.

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Keep Sensitive Customer and Company Information Secure

Samsung Knox is our defense-grade mobile security platform that’s built into our Galaxy devices.2 Gartner gave Knox the most “strong” ratings for any platform for corporate managed security.1 With data security top of mind for financial institutions in light of new trends in cyberattacks and tightening standards, we’re here to protect your sensitive data. Additional measures for enhanced security include biometric authentication and two-factor authentication using a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

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Personalize Customer Service

Empower your bank staff by serving the best offers to suggest to their customers in the moment. With software that tells your bank which customers are coming, when and for what purpose, combined with automated upsell opportunities and actionable CRM insights, you can make every customer interaction more personalized, faster and effective.

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Engage Employees to Excel

Deliver continuous, on-demand learning content to help reduce employee turnover and diversify skills. With a more flexible and skilled team, you can better manage resources to provide the knowledge and skill set needed for each individual customer transaction.

Streamline Operations

Increase up-time and enroll devices faster through rapid virtual staging and provisioning. Manage devices centrally and push updates silently without interrupting workflow. Visualize data about branch operations and use it to track progress against benchmarks. All with Summa software™ and Samsung technology.

Customize Your Solution

Our experts are ready to help you customize functionality and user experience for your needs, and integrate with your existing banking systems. You get to decide:

• What data is captured, how it’s used and by whom
• What the experience looks like, based on your brand and strategy
• What capabilities to include, in order to match your marketing and operational needs
• What connections to make with your current initiatives
• Which of your current apps and back-end systems are integrated into the experience


Participate in an Innovation Day

Register for a one-day interactive, collaborative workshop to explore new opportunities for improving customer and employee experiences and operations in your branches. You’ll get:

• Updated scenarios that meet the unique needs of your business
• Current and future state map of technology and architecture
• Summary of synergies with your current initiatives
• Ranking list of improvement opportunities based on benefit and readiness plus
• High-level roadmap with timeline

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Financial Industry Trends Prompt Banks to Prioritize Cybersecurity

Just as banking technology is changing, so are its would-be attackers. While some criminals do still rob banks in person, it’s becoming a much less frequent occurrence as cybercrime becomes more pervasive, with the financial world one of its primary targets. With technology currently among the top financial industry trends, implementing strong cybersecurity policies alongside cutting-edge systems is key to protecting services.



Summa™ is a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences.

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