Create New Opportunities

Tailor your brand and modernize décor with Samsung’s digital signage solutions that are structured to provide you with a new way of doing business, so you can deliver new and improved customer experiences.

SMART Signage TV

All-in-One TV and Digital Signage for a Simplified Solution

Engage your customers with TV entertainment and promote sales through your own promotional content, all while improving ambiance, with Samsung’s SMART Signage TV (SSTV). A 3-year onsite warranty secures your investment in your business.

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What SMART Signage TV (SSTV) Delivers for Your Business

Enable your storefront with all-in-one TV and display technology to provide new customer experiences and open the door for new opportunities.

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SMART Signage TV in Action

A variety of small businesses are using SMART Signage TV (SSTV) to engage customers in new ways. Hear their stories and learn how this easy-to-set-up, everything-included-in-the-box solution can benefit your business, too.

Everything Included in the Box

  • Samsung SMART Signage TV (TV Tuner Embedded) + Stand

  • Content Management Software (MagicInfo Express)

  • Wall Mount, for Easy Installation (VESA-Compatible)

  • SMART Signage TV w/ Stand, Signage S/W + Wall Mount


Entertain with TV, Promote with Advertising

  • Combine TV with Your Own Promotional Content
  • 200+ Templates Included to Create Your Own Signage or Split-Screen Content

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage

  • Included PC Software for Easy, Wireless Content Management
  • Ability to Load Content via USB
  • Ability to Manage Content via Mobile App

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Portrait or Landscape Mode

  • Portrait Mode: For Impactful Signage
  • Landscape Mode: For Impactful Signage, plus Multimedia Content

Durable, Reliable, Commercial Solution

  • Onsite 3-Year Warranty
  • Professional-Grade LCD TV Designed for 16/7 Operation
  • Support Includes Dedicated 800#

Samsung SMART Signage TV Displays

With everything that you need included in the box to display digital signage content and live TV, our SMART Signage TV displays are easy to use.

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RM40D – 40” SMART Signage TV Display

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RM48D – 48” SMART Signage TV Display

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SMART Signage Platform

Smarter Signage for More Demanding Applications

Intelligent operation facilitates your business. Structured for the most demanding and complex applications, the Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSP) is a custom solution that provides an open and integrated player side media platform to streamline digital signage deployments.

How SMART Signage Platform (SSP) Integrates Your Signage

Powered by Samsung’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) and a growing software partner ecosystem, leading digital signage experts bring their industry proven solutions to market on the Samsung SMART Signage Platform.

Custom Content

Create better customer opportunities that are tailored for your audience thanks to an open, player side digital signage platform powered by an SDK. You’ll be able to have custom software developed just for your business.

Read Rocket Oil Case Study

A Cost-Effective Turnkey Solution

SSP reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for digital signage deployments, by providing savings in hardware, installation and operating costs.

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Advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) Technology

Eliminate the need for external devices with an embedded media player. Amplify your messaging with an enhanced SSP on our D Series displays that delivers accelerated performance thanks to SoC with a quad core processor.

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A Growing SSP Partner Ecosystem

We're excited by the way our software developers and channel partners are embracing the opportunity to create innovative digital signage applications and custom content using SSP’s player side SDK.

Samsung Displays with SSP

A wide selection of our displays feature SSP, including the DB-D, DM-D, DH-D, UD-D, UE-D, UE-C, ME-C and PE-C Series. So you can find the solution that’s exactly right for your business.

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DM55D - DM-D Series 55" Slim Direct-Lit LED Display

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DB40D - DB-D Series 40" Slim Direct-Lit LED Display

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