Samsung Medison UGEO WS80A Ultrasound Machine


Discover a new healthcare experience with a premium ultrasound medical imaging system. The Samsung Medison UGEO WS80A demonstrates our commitment to the healthcare market with an extended 5 year warranty. Our 5D vision comes to life in this dedicated OB/GYN device, while semi-automatic detection features, with results confirmed by the user, improve reproducibility and help to discern small structures with precision.

  • 5D NT and 5D LB Help to Provide Greater Diagnostic Confidence
  • FRV™ (Feto-Realistic View) Delivers Exceptional 3D Resolution
  • Easy to Use and Ergonomic at a Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Single Crystal Probe for Enhanced Clarity on Even the Most Challenging of Patients

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Product Features

21.5" LED Monitor & 10.1" Touch Screen

Users will benefit from exceptional quality images on the 1920 x 1080p full HD 21.5" LED monitor, along with easy input from the 10.1” touch screen. With sharper vision and intuitiveness, you can increase diagnostic confidence for improved clinical decision-making, while LED reduces power consumption.


5D LB provides easy, semi-automatic long bone detection. 5D NT helps the user detect the midsagittal plane, displays each slice as a 3D rendered image, then semi-automatically measures the nuchal/intracranial translucency thickness. All results are confirmed by the user.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine evo

Enhanced software and hardware enables more detailed scanning for improved gray scale and color, while adaptable response allows for the more rapid and accurate data processing. This advanced technology provides clearer images and more stable signal than previous beamforming engines.

FRV (Feto-Realistic View)

FRV enables the display of various rendered images from different directions of virtual light with more natural color. So you can better diagnose structural anomalies via detailed view. It can also help strengthen ties between the mother and baby.

SDMR™ evo

Implement rapid and precise diagnostic procedures with high-resolution 2D image quality, increased edge enhancement and speckle noise artifact reduction. SDMR evo improves on previous technology with application-specific optimization and improved temporal resolution in live scan mode.


S-Flow detects peripheral blood vessels through an innovative color Doppler with enhanced sensitivity. With excellent color detection, you can secure more accurate diagnoses regardless of a patient's physiology for an improved quality of care.

Single Crystal Probe

Advanced piezoelectric crystal design in combination with sophisticated manufacturing practices produce probe technology with wider bandwidths and improved penetration for the most challenging of patients.

Wide Angle Vaginal Probe

Optimized for women’s health imaging, the Samsung Medison UGEO WS80A's probe line-up includes a new wide angle vaginal probe that offers a field-of-view up to 210˚ for convenient endovaginal scans and greater diagnostic confidence.

Fast & Ergonomic

An SSD delivers fast booting, strong durability and plenty of storage at 512GB. The intuitive touch panel provides ease of operation. An encased printer is conveniently placed, and a probe holder specifically for the EV probe suits your OB/GYN needs.

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