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64GB 470 Series Solid State Drive


Product featuresSee All Features
Hard Shell Case
Sturdy composites insulate the internal components from shock, dust and corrosion.

Distinctive Samsung Design
Admire the finish and design while you can. It's almost too stylish to install.
NAND Flash
Samsung is the world leader in NAND flash—the basic building block of solid state storage.
The specially engineered Samsung controller is tightly integrated with a robust cache. The result: faster data read/writes.

The DRAM houses the block placement and wear leveling directory—keeping your data safe and easily accessible.
  • Capacity Value
    64 GB Solid State Drive
  • Sequential Read
    Up to 250 MB/sec
  • Sequential Write
    Up to 220 MB/sec
  • Random Read*
    Up to 25,000 IOPS
  • Random Write*
    Up to 7,000 IOPS
  • Active Power Use
  • Reliability (Hours)**
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