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Compact Flash With Powerful Performance

Upgrade your digital camera with the ultra-portable and high quality Samsung SEF20A Flash. Its compact design packs in a huge flash performance and is a must-have accessory for any serious photographer. The Samsung SEF20A Flash also comes with the flexible head that provides vertical bounce angles of 0-, 45-, 60-, 75- and 90- and then also forward 90-, letting you eliminate unwanted shadows and tailoring the light for each shot. Other great features include the Auto TTL (through the lens) Flash technology, which ensures that the correct amount of light hits the film plane. So, you can now easily take your photography to the next level with the help of the Samsung SEF20A Flash

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Compact Design

Give your digital camera that professional look and performance with the Samsung SEF20A Flash. Slim and compact in design, it is the perfect and must-have accessory for NX Series camera. It is ideal for the NX series and features a flexible head that allows bounce angles of 90- upwards for enhanced results. It is lightweight and therefore easy to carry with your other camera accessories and is ideal for travelling.

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Give Your Pictures the Light They Deserve

Although most cameras come with an internal flash, they often lack the strength to deliver the light needed to properly capture a desired scene or object. That is why an external flash like Samsung’s SEF20A Flash is ideal. In its relatively small frame it deliver a high intensity of light, reaching up to 10m with certain camera settings, and ensures that your pictures are appropriately lit. It is also synchronized with the camera shutter so that the external flash times its release with the exposure period. Shooting like a professional has never been so easy.

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Create Memorable Shots By Bouncing the Light

Samsung’s SEF20A Flash offers a choice of settings to show off your creative side. With the flexible head that provides vertical bounce angles of 0°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° and then also forward 90°, you can eliminate unwanted shadows and create bespoke lighting for each shot. The flash is powerful enough for longer distances both indoor and outdoor. So, this is definitely the flash for anyone looking to produce studio quality photographs.

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Enjoy Perfect Lighting With Auto TTL Flash

Optimize your photographs with Auto TTL (through the lens) Flash. This allows you to take photographs with the correct amount of light hitting the film plane, achieved by controlling the exposure timing, and ensures that light saturation is not a problem. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it allows for elements such as aperture and shutter speeds to dictate the exposure and not the other way around

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Brightness Control

With so many different external elements influencing the pictures you take, it is nice to have an adjust function to help control your shots. On the reverse side of the flash is a light control that lets you choose between how dark and bright you prefer to have your flash. This helps as lighting conditions alter, like between night and day, sunny and cloudy or simply shooting while being inside.

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  • Size (WxHxD)

    64.3 x 43 x 88.3mm

  • Weight
    Weight of the phone, measured in ounces (oz.).

    121.7 (excluding battery)

Full Specifications

Size (WxHxD)

  • 64.3 x 43 x 88.3mm


  • Weight of the phone, measured in ounces (oz.).

    121.7 (excluding battery)

Burst Mode

  • A-TTL

Flash Type

  • A-TTL external flash

Flash Metering Control

  • Auto


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