Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) is a global organization within Samsung's Device Solutions division focused on identifying and nurturing new technologies in health and wellness, cloud infrastructure, mobile privacy, Internet of Things, and other related areas. SSIC's mission is to develop and accelerate groundbreaking technologies through open innovation working in collaboration with entrepreneurs and strategic partners to enhance people's lives and help make the world a better place.


Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center and Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences collaborate to combine IoT and nutrition science to create insights for healthy living

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Our mission: Open, global innovation

We invite visionary entrepreneurs and innovators to join with us to accelerate innovation.

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Welcome to the future of wellness

Introducing Samsung Simband reference platform

With Simband, you can finally listen to the voice of your body.

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An intelligent data platform that's truly personalized for you

Samsung SAMIIO open platform eases innovation for developers and sparks the creation of new services and application that deliver actionable, eye-opening insights tailored just for you.

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Samsung Digital Health Challenge

Bring visionary ideas to life

Bring visionary ideas to life. Join our $50 million global challenge to grow a stronger, more connected digital health community.

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Shaping the world of tomorrow, today

We see tomorrow, today. We're focusing beyond the horizon and pushing exciting developments in many key areas of technology.

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