Make TV Better on Your Smartphone

Samsung WatchON offers one video experience across all your screens. Start a TV show on your smartphone and continue watching it on the big screen. You can also get a custom TV guide that shows what you like to watch and change the TV channel from your phone. WatchON is your TV's personal guide.

One-Stop Search

Search Less, Watch More

Forget the days of bouncing between different video apps and live TV. WatchON brings it all together for you all in one place. Find what you want to watch and WatchON finds it for you. Discover more of what you love.

Personalized Recommendations

WatchON Gets You

WatchON is intelligent and will actually recommend TV shows and movies just for you. And, the more you watch, the smarter it gets.

Remote Control and TV Guide

Take Control of Your TV

WatchON turns your mobile device into a simple remote control to quickly browse channels through a rich TV guide. No need to reach out for your old remote control.

Complementary Content

It's Your Trivia Toolkit

WatchON is packed with reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and bios for all your favorite actors. Learn more about what you're watching without even leaving the app. WatchON is your ultimate second screen.

Compatible Devices

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