19" Επαγγελματική οθόνη S19C450MR

With the ergonomic Height Adjustable Stand design and innovative functionality, the Samsung SC450 is ready to boost work performance
Help business with cost-cutting technology
Help business with cost-cutting technology

Minimise your work costs with the help of the new DPMS 0.1W feature*. It ensures that your Samsung Business monitor (SC650/ SC450/ SC200) only consumes a maximum of 0.1 Watts while in standby mode. This amazingly low consumption is beneficial both financially and environmentally, and is simply unmatched by competitors. *Analog input condition *This feature is not available for DP (Display Port) models.

Improve your work with HAS design
Improve your work with HAS design

Find the perfect viewing experience with the help of Samsung’s Height Adjustable Stand (HAS). Its simple controls allow for users to tailor their monitor height and angle to meet their exact eye level and therefore improve their productivity when working. It ensures that users are always benefitting from the best

The total audio-video solution with built-in speakers
The total audio-video solution with built-in speakers

With a built-in Samsung Stereo Speaker, a 2 way Speaker delivers high-quality stereo sound and a richer multimedia experience. You’ll enjoy enhanced movies and music, as if you were in a theatre or concert, thanks to Samsung’s outstanding audio. Experience total convenience and make the most of home or office space with cost-efficient built-in speakers.

Maximise your space with easy wall mounting
Maximise your space with easy wall mounting

Give your monitor the best possible positioning with the VESA Wall Mount. Easy to mount and install, it is convenient, safe, compatible, and the perfect partner to your monitor. You will always have a great viewing angle and it also makes the most of your space with its slim design.

Keep your work space as efficient as your monitor
Keep your work space as efficient as your monitor

If you need a work monitor that uses office space efficiently, then Samsung LED Business Monitor SC650/SC450 is the perfect choice. From physically moving the monitor with the carrying handle to quickly installing, the SC650/SC450 is ready to deliver an efficient and clean work space. Optimizing your office space is now easily achieved with the Samsung LED Business Monitor SC650/SC450.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast
Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast

Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers new levels of color and picture quality to your viewing experience with images that are real-to-life. A breathtaking Mega∞ DCR contrast ratio shows blacks at their absolute darkest and pristine whites and other colors at their brightest. You will notice the crystal clear picture clarity. It is like explosions of colors that make other screens seem dull in comparison. Enjoy your multimedia content with the professionalism it deserves.

Experience minimal design and maximum effect.
Experience minimal design and maximum effect.

Maximise your monitor experience with the help of a chic narrow bezel. With its narrow bezel width, users benefit from reduced distraction when looking at the monitor and therefore can enjoy greater levels of concentration. The extra screen space also makes it easier to set up a dual monitor workstation, which also adds to work productivity. But for those who just want a smart looking monitor, the narrow bezel adds a sophisticated look and feel to any desk.

  • Pivot


    Change your monitor perspective using Samsung’s innovative Pivot feature. It allows you to rotate your screen up to 90 degrees to match your exact viewing needs.

  • Swivel


    Samsung’s Swivel functionality ensures that the monitor can be easily and quickly re-adjusted, and is extremely useful when working in groups.

  • Tilt


    Set your monitor to the perfect angle with Samsung’s Tilt functionality. It ensures that your monitor is always providing the most comfortable experience.

  • Recycled Plastics

    Recycled Plastics

    Samsung Business Monitors (SC650/SC450) embrace the green movement by using some recycled plastics during the manufacturing process.

  • Οθόνη
    • Panel Type Τύπος TN LED
    • Μέγεθος οθόνης Μέγεθος οθόνης 19 ίντσες με αναλογία 5:4
    • Active Display Size (H x V) 376,32 mm (Ο) x 301,06 mm (Κ)
    • Φωτεινότητα Φωτεινότητα 250cd/m²
    • Λόγος αντίθεσης Λόγος αντίθεσης Δυναμική αντίθεση Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio ∞ (Στατικός λόγος αντίθεσης 1000:1)
    • Ανάλυση Ανάλυση 1280 x 1024
    • Pixel Pitch 0,294 mm (Ο) x 0,294 mm (Κ)
    • Χρόνος απόκρισης 5 ms (On / Off)
    • Γωνία θέασης (οριζόντια/κάθετα) Γωνία θέασης (Οριζόντια / Κάθετη) 170° / 160°
    • Χρώματα οθόνης Χρώματα οθόνης 16,7 εκατομμύρια
  • Σύνδεση
    • Wireless Display Όχι
    • D-Sub 1 x D-Sub
    • DVI 1 x DVI
    • Dual Link DVI Όχι
    • Display Port Όχι
    • Σύνδεση HDMI Όχι
    • Είσοδος/Έξοδος ήχου Είσοδος/Έξοδος ήχου
    • Ηχείο Ηχείο 1 W x 2
    • USB Hub Όχι
  • Γενικά χαρακτηριστικά
    • Mobile Control Όχι
    • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) Όχι
    • Ενσωματωμένη λειτουργία Eco Saving, Samsung MagicAngle, Samsung MagicBright 3, Χρονοδιακόπτης απενεργοποίησης, Ρύθμιση μεγέθους εικόνας, Key Repeat Time Υποστηρίζονται
    • Additional PC S/W MagicTune,MultiScreen,MagicRotation
    • Συμβατότητα με λειτουργικά συστήματα Όλα τα λειτουργικά συστήματα
    • Windows Certification Ναι
  • Σχεδιασμός
    • Χρώμα Μαύρο (ματ)
    • Τύπος βάσης Βάση ρυθμιζόμενου ύψους: Εύρος μετακίνησης 100mm
    • Βάση Ρύθμιση κλίσης: -3° έως +25°
      Λειτουργία περιστροφής Pivot: -1 έως +95
      Λειτουργία περιστροφής Swivel : -45° έως +45°
    • Τοποθέτηση στον τοίχο Επιτοίχια βάση στήριξης 100 x 100 Υποστηρίζεται
  • Operation Conditions
    • Θερμοκρασία 10°C ~ 40°C
    • Υγρασία 10 ~ 80%
  • Τροφοδοσία
    • Τροφοδοσία Τροφοδοσία 100 - 240 V (50/60 hz)
    • Κατανάλωση ρεύματος 19 W (τυπική)
    • Κατανάλωση ρεύματος (σε κατάσταση αναμονής) Λιγότερο από 0,1 W (Με αναλογική είσοδο)
    • Τύπος Τροφοδοσία Εσωτερική
  • Διαστάσεις
    • Διαστάσεις συσκευής με βάση (ΠxΥxΒ) Μέγ.: 407 x 469 x 210 (mm)
      Ελάχ.: 407 x 369 x 210 mm
    • Διαστάσεις συσκευής χωρίς βάση (ΠxΥxΒ) 407 x 336 x 55 mm
    • Διαστάσεις συσκευασίας (ΠxΥxΒ) 525 x 187 x 447 mm
  • Βάρος
    • Βάρος συσκευής με βάση 4,45 kg
    • Βάρος συσκευής χωρίς βάση 2,95 kg
    • Βάρος συσκευασίας 6 kg
  • Αξεσουάρ
    • Καλώδια Καλώδιο D-sub, Καλώδιο ήχου
    • Power Cable Length Μήκος καλωδίου τροφοδοσίας 1,5 m
    • Άλλα Ηλεκτρονικό εγχειρίδιο χρήσης, CD εγκατάστασης, Οδηγός γρήγορης εγκατάστασης (Περιλαμβάνονται)
  • Certification and Compliance
    • Eco label certification UL (USA) : UL 60950-1CSA (Canada) : CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1 TUV (Germany) : EN60950-1NEMKO (Norway) : EN60950-1 KC (Korea) : K60950-1 CCC (China) : GB 4943-2001PSB (Singapore) : IEC60950-1GOST (Russia) : IEC60950-1, EN55022SIQ (Slovenia) : IEC60950-1, EN55022PCBC (Poland) : IEC60590-1, EN55022NOM (Mexico) : NOM-019-SCFI-1993IRAM (Argentina) :IEC60950-1SASO (Saudi Arabia) : IEC60950-1
    • EMC FCC (ΗΠΑ) FCC Part 15, Subpart B class Α
      CE (Ευρώπη) EN55022, EN55024
      VCCI (Ιαπωνία) V-3 (CISPR22)
      KCC (Κορέα) :KN22, KN24
      C-Tick (Αυστραλία) : AS / NZS3548 (CISPR22)
      CCC(Κίνα) :GB 9254-2008, GB 17625.1-2003
  • Εγγύηση
    • Εγγύηση Εγγύηση 1 ετών
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19" Επαγγελματική οθόνη S19C450MR (LS19C45KMR/EN)



Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης έκδ. 1.0



Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης έκδ. 1.0



Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης έκδ. 1.0



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