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Headshot of Salah Hamed against an gray background.

“This phone leaves almost absolutely nothing left to be desired”

Android Basha / Salah Hamed

Headshot of Ahmad Abu Jamil.

“Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Getting 100X Closer to what the future is!"

The Mena Tech / Ahmad Abu Jamil

Headshot of Ahmad AlQaisi.

“One of the features I liked the most, Refresh rate 120hz,  I consider it one of the most points that give high speed and smooth performance, for me”

Tecno Qaisi / Ahmad AlQaisi

Headshot of Ceazar Aladam against an white background.

“The Most Perfect Smartphone Yet”

Sizar Reviews / Ceazar Aladam

Headshot of Ali Hadi Ali.

“There are many great features on S20 Ultra,  The performance of the cameras is amazing, especially the wide angle”

Ali Hadi Ali

Headshot of Mohammed Alhaddad against an gray background.

“The S20 Ultra offers one of the best screens I have used so far compared to any other phone, for two reasons. Firstly, the screen curvature adjustment, which has become very cool to use and added a sense of luxury at the same time. Secondly, the smooth, high refresh rate of 120Hz that delivers a premium experience."

Mohammed Alhaddad


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