How to check the battery of the SmartPhone?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

When checking the battery, you have to check the following:



1. Check for battery swelling


swelling batt 



Note: Poor or no contact is made between the battery contacts and the device battery terminal

when the battery is swelling or bulging.



2. Check the battery for visible signs of damage.


internal damage 


Note: Outwardly visible signs of damage may indicate the presence of internal damage.

Please check if there is any sign of physical damage to the battery.



3. Is the battery old?


old batt 



Note: Over time your battery will begin to slowly but gradually lose its effectiveness as it ages.

If your device has been used over a long time, please consider replacing the battery.



4. Check the manufacturing date.


manufacturing date 


Note:  Please check the manufacturing date of the battery and again please change the

battery if you have used it for a long time.



5. Check the battery terminals.




Note :If there is any foreign matter on the battery terminals, please gently wipe them

clean with a soft dry cloth.



6. Ensure you use Samsung batteries only.


use original battery 



Note: Should you need to replace your battery, please ensure you purchase

a genuine Samsung battery from the Authorized Dealers. Your device may have

difficulty charging if using non genuine batteries


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