How can I check what version of android I have on my device?

Last Update date : Jun 24. 2021

Samsung mobile devices use the Android operating system, which is designed by Google. Android updates have been released every year. Updated versions offer new features and improvements. Keep the Android up to date for new features, greater performance, and security. Find out how to check and update the Android version your device is using.

How to check the Android version on your device

The ways to check the Android version may differ a little according to the installed Android version on your device. Follow the steps below to check for your Android version.

Step 1. Open the Settings.

Step 2. Select About phone. If your device is a tablet, tap About tablet.

check android version

Step 3. Select Software information.

Step 4. Android version is displayed.

check android version

How to update device software

There are two types of software updates: operating system updates and security updates. Please note that the type and version of available updates will depend on your model. Old device models may not support the latest update.

Step 1. Open the Settings.

Step 2. Select Software update.

update software

Step 3. Select Download and install.

Step 4. The update process starts if there’s an available one.

update software

To automatically download software updates in the future, turn the Auto download over Wi-Fi switch on.

update software

Note: Device screenshots and menu may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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