Samsung Redefines Advertising in the Advanced TV Landscape

A unique perspective from Tom Fochetta, VP of Sales, Samsung Ads

As a leader in the Connected TV landscape, how do you see media consumption evolving today?
With the rapid evolution in technology and the growth of viewing platforms, consumers today have nearly unlimited choices. As the lines between streaming and traditional services begin to blend, content viewing habits and device behavior are evolving. Today, consumers are curating content and rewriting their viewing experience to when, where and how they want it. More than ever, advertisers are challenged to find meaningful ways to engage users. With the growth of Smart TVs in the connected home, it’s no surprise that marketers are looking for new ways to better reach, engage and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

As users interact with multiple devices, how can Samsung Ads help marketers better engage consumers? 
As a global technology leader with a focus on innovation, Samsung delivers products that enhance people’s everyday lives. Here at Samsung Ads, we extend this commitment by delivering meaningful experiences for both our consumers and advertisers.

Anchored in TV insights, Samsung Ads developed native placements within the Smart TV viewing experience to seamlessly integrate brand messages. From premium video capabilities to tune-in notifications, we help consumers discover relevant content and brands. We then amplify the brand’s messaging and fully surround the Samsung audience by reaching viewers that have seen your TV ads, and even viewers that missed them.

Over the past 2 years, we worked with advertisers across all industries, including Entertainment, Gaming and the Automotive community. And together, we drove outstanding performance. We’ve helped advertisers drive lift in brand consideration, increase tune-in viewership and optimize media efficiency.

What unique point of differentiation does Samsung Ads bring to market? 
In today’s complex ecosystem, Samsung Ads offers marketers simplicity. Our goal is to address fragmentation with advanced marketing solutions, and to provide marketers with a single, end-to-end solution. With the largest proprietary dataset powered by Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), we offer advertisers viewing behavior insights. And with third-party data from trusted partners, Samsung Ads enriches audience profiles with consumer attitudes, contextual interests and brand conversions.

We recognize that actionable insights are a critical component to developing efficient media strategies. Our breadth of data activates deeper insights to help advertisers make those right decisions. By understanding consumers through the lenses of interest and intent, we help marketers discover which media experiences are driving the greatest performance.


What’s next for Samsung Ads and why should marketers care? 
It’s been a landmark year for Samsung Ads, and we are proud to be at the forefront of redefining advertising in the Advanced TV landscape. Later this year, Samsung Ads will introduce an addressable video solution that will allow marketers to serve video ads directly into linear TV across 80 DMAs, just as they do in the digital ecosystem.

Up next, we’re excited to launch Samsung Analytics in 2018. Through this tool, we will offer partners access to real-time, first-party insights built on Samsung’s incredible scale and proprietary dataset powered by ACR.

About Samsung Ads
Headquartered in New York City, Samsung Ads delivers innovation through Advanced TV solutions to brands, marketers and agencies around the globe.