Samsung DSP: The Foundation that Makes All of Your Media Smarter
Samsung TV Plus gives viewers what they want—but what about brands and media buyers? As the landscape has shifted from linear to digital video, connecting with these increasingly scattered and hard-to-reach audiences has become harder than ever before. That’s where Samsung DSP comes into play—and our own Joe Melaragno was on hand at the conference to illustrate the power of this unique hands-on platform.
Samsung DSP gives advertisers exclusive access to Samsung proprietary data to target, measure, and optimize campaigns. Buyers can holistically manage reach and frequency of all of their medida—inclusive of linear, within a single platform across millions of homes. Efficiency, scale, choice, control, flexibility—it all comes together on Samsung DSP. It’s hands-on access like never before, across all the channels that matter (OTT, CTV, Linear, and Digital video), all in one place.