Samsung Ads Showcases Tools for the Streaming Age at CES 2021

The Future Of TV Will Be Streamed


CES has always been a window into the future. For the last 50 years, that meant bringing worldwide visibility to transformative innovations shaping the future of business—and life—as we know it. From the VCR to the 5G network, the global leadership community knows that CES is the place to go to see what’s next.


Put it to you this way: If you were there, you were inspired.


Samsung Ads took the opportunity to demonstrate how brands and media buyers could leverage two powerful tools for reaching audiences in 2021: Samsung TV Plus and Samsung DSP.


Samsung TV Plus: Free TV and Smarter Advertising.


Entertainment? Yeah, we all needed that this year. And the numbers back it up, with more people watching TV now than at any other point in history. On top of that, the pandemic accelerated viewership trends that were already in motion, and our proprietary data tells the story: 63% of viewing time on Samsung Smart TVs is now streaming, and AVOD apps now reach 70% of Samsung Smart TVs. As a result, of all this change, brands and advertisers need more reliable ways than traditional linear TV to connect with and engage their audiences.


Along with special guests from The Design Network, Samsung’s own Sang Kim, SVP, Samsung Electronics, was on hand to walk CES attendees through Samsung TV Plus. At 160 channels and growing, this free, ad-supported service is providing viewers with exactly what they want, right when they want it. Namely, instant access to their favorite content (everything from ABC News and Sports Xtra to The Walking Dead and Kitchen Nightmares), available on-demand right on the Samsung Smart TV and Samsung Galaxy devices. No subscription or credit card required. It’s everything audiences want, nothing they don’t. It’s the future of TV with smarter advertising and better results.

Check out our Samsung TV Plus presentation >

Samsung DSP: The foundation that makes all of your media smarter.


Samsung TV Plus gives viewers what they want—but what about brands and media buyers? As the landscape has shifted from linear to digital video, connecting with these increasingly scattered and hard-to-reach audiences has become harder than ever before. That’s where Samsung DSP comes into play—and our own Joe Melaragno was on hand at the conference to illustrate the power of this unique hands-on platform.


Samsung DSP gives advertisers exclusive access to Samsung proprietary data to target, measure, and optimize campaigns. Buyers can holistically manage reach and frequency of all of their medida—inclusive of linear, within a single platform across millions of homes. Efficiency, scale, choice, control, flexibility—it all comes together on Samsung DSP. It’s hands-on access like never before, across all the channels that matter (OTT, CTV, Linear, and Digital video), all in one place.

Check out our Samsung DSP presentation >

Onward and upward!


At Samsung, leadership is achieved through the pursuit of innovation. In addition to the powerful tools highlighted above, we continue to push forward with technology to protect the environment and create accessibility for all. To see the innovation we displayed at CES 2021, click below:

Greatness never ends: The First Look 2021 >

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that adaptability is key to surviving and thriving in our changing world. We plan to keep pushing the future of TV forward—by creating innovative solutions for brands and companies that want to reach their audiences precisely and efficiently in this ever-evolving TV landscape.


If you’d like to find out how you can reach your audience when they watch, where they watch, and how they watch, get in touch with us at!

Samsung Ads Showcases Tools for the Streaming Age at CES 2021 Samsung Ads Showcases Tools for the Streaming Age at CES 2021
Samsung Ads Showcases Tools for the Streaming Age at CES 2021 Samsung Ads Showcases Tools for the Streaming Age at CES 2021