1ˢᵗ Screen Ad

Be seen by all Samsung Smart TV Viewers, no matter how they watch TV.


Get discovered. Get installed. Get growing.

The 1ˢᵗ Screen is the most visited space on Samsung TVs: the first thing viewers see when they turn on their TV or click the home button on the remote. Position your brand in the 1ˢᵗ Screen ad to reach viewers as they navigate to live TV, streaming apps, and gaming.


Serve the last ad viewers see before they stream

The 1ˢᵗ Screen ad is the last opportunity to reach viewers before they launch a non ad-supported app.


Influence viewing at the perfect moment

The 1ˢᵗ Screen ad appears only when viewers are using their remote and searching for what’s next.


Drive incremental reach for your linear TV buy

Engage viewers who missed your linear buy, or don't watch any linear TV at all.


Drive engagement with strong creative

Run branded auto play video and display ads, or take up the entire width of the screen with the Extra Wide Ad.


How to Buy

• Targeted 1ˢᵗ Screen Ad – Reach the audiences you want most, using Samsung’s proprietary viewership data

• Audience Takeover – Get 100% ownership of 1ˢᵗ Screen ads among your target audience

• Roadblock – Buy a Roadblock and get 100% ownership of 1ˢᵗ Screen ad impressions across all Samsung TVs