Samsung Ads Leads Canada Toward Connected TV Success
Across Canada, advertisers are waking up to the power and possibility—necessity, even—of Connected TV advertising. The explosion of devices that viewers use to find and consume video content has opened up enormous opportunity for brands to engage audiences in new ways—and CTV sits at the center of that expanding ecosystem.
Of course, all of that opportunity comes with a fair amount of complexity—and a host of unknowns. Untangling that complexity is what Samsung Ads is all about. As the CTV leader in the Canadian market, we help advertisers understand how the entire system works—and leverage it for smarter media plans and greater success. 
So it goes without saying that we were thrilled to bookend IAB Canada’s Advanced TV Week in 2020 with a pair of insight-packed webinars. Our aim? First, set the stage for a week-long immersion into this exciting and ever-evolving advertising paradigm. Then, follow it up with the intel advertisers need to take action.
The Breakdown
Everything we do starts with strategy—and the content we presented was no different. We had two major objectives, and allotted a presentation for each: 
Webinar 1: Cover the big picture of Connected TV—what it is and why it matters.
Webinar 2: Dig deeper into the trends—how viewers are watching and where advertisers should focus their efforts.
Behind every data point and viewer insight was the Samsung Ads platform—powered by Canada’s largest source of TV data with over 3M Smart TVs nationwide.
But transforming data into insight requires expertise—which is why we chose our very own Dave Pauk (Regional Sales Director) and Kelsey Barry (Insights Solutions Manager) to lead these presentations. They shared everything Canada needs to know about CTV.
Webinar 1: The Power of Connected TV: New Advertising Strategies in Canada
First thing’s first: It’s important to understand just how much of the viewership pie is spent on streaming. 47% of Samsung TV households are watching both linear and streaming, which means balancing your reach among streamers and linear viewers is critical.
The good news is TV is still a great place to do that. “The TV remains the largest screen in the house,” says Dave Pauk. “It’s the gateway to the majority of video consumption, and it gives you access to the elusive and valuable cord cutters and cord shavers.”
But how do you more strategically reach those viewers? That’s where Samsung Ads comes in—using ACR (Automated Content Recognition) data. “With this data, you can reach TV audiences that you’d completely miss with a linear strategy,” says Pauk. “You can also target viewers that were exposed to your competitors’ ads—and gain the insights you need to optimize reach and frequency across your marketing campaign.”
And there’s more on the way. “We use ACR data to better understand the behaviors of audiences—and use that insight to plan campaigns,” says Barry. “With more choices and access than ever before, it’s a really exciting time for both advertisers and viewers.”
The main takeaway from the presentation was simple: Connected TV—and the data that powers it—is one of the most powerful ways to reach a rapidly evolving viewer.
Webinar 2: Viewership Trends You Can Use
After establishing the overarching power of Connected TV in our first webinar, we went one step further—and shared actionable insights Canadian advertisers could put into practice immediately. The goal? Smarter media strategies now. 
Here are three key trends we shared: 
  • The scales have tipped – 53% of all TV minutes are spent with streaming.
  • Three Quarters of Streamers now using Ad-Supported streaming services.
  • More audiences are streaming almost exclusively – 81% of the total TV audience is accounting for only 11% of all time spent with linear. The lion share of linear viewership is consumed by just 19% of the total TV audience.
Special thanks to IAB Canada for hosting us. We’re proud to be a part of this community—and always grateful for the chance to share information, tools, and insights that help all of us do the best work possible.
IAB members can access event replays on the IAB Knowledge Centre.
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