Samsung Ads Launches New Suite of Experiences Across Native CTV and Smart TV Inventory

New York, NY – April 26, 2021 – Samsung Ads, the advertising arm of Samsung Electronics and the global leader in advanced TV, today announced the launch of three new ad experiences across its exclusive, native inventory to provide advertisers the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). The ad experiences will be unveiled at the at the IAB 2021 NewFronts.


Samsung Discovery Masthead and 1st Screen Plus provides advertisers with access to exclusive inventory on the Samsung Smart TV platform, providing the ability to have 100% share of voice as soon a consumer turns on their TV or looks for content on the Universal Guide or App Store. Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorships provides the opportunity for an advertiser to “take over” a channel on Samsung’s popular FAST service Samsung TV Plus.


“Samsung operates and manufactures both the hardware and software on the TV and because of this, we can develop and enhance our ad experiences to generate the best return for advertisers and the best experiences for consumers,” said Tom Fochetta, Vice President, Samsung Ads. 



Samsung Discovery Masthead:


The Samsung Discovery Masthead, accessible through the Universal Guide and Samsung TV App Store, allows advertisers to reach consumers when they are actively looking to discover new content, apps, and services on their Samsung Smart TV via masthead banners with 100% share of voice placement.


Both the Samsung TV App Store and Universal Guide are popular discovery engines. The Universal Guide is a critical service used by consumers and has experienced a 77% increase in usage among Samsung Smart TV owners. The Samsung TV App Store, which currently has 6.4M active users (an increase of more than 68% year-over-year), is a must for users wanting to add functionality to their TVs. In beta tests, brands and media companies that have used the product, experienced higher click-through rates and brand lift. 



Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorship:


Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorship gives brands increased access to the elusive generation of “cord cutters,” and “cord nevers'' via Samsung TV Plus’s most-watched channels. 90% of Samsung TV Plus viewers do not use any connected streaming device, instead, they stream directly from their Samsung Smart TVs. 


The product emulates the look and feel of a linear TV, but unlike broadcast TV or cable, advertisers can “take over” an entire channel and reach consumers through multiple ad units and 100% share of voice. With Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorship, advertisers can reach consumers with high impact advertising in an AVOD/FAST environment, which has proven to be effective for brands and is familiar to cord-cutters.


Designed for brand impact, the Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorship is proven to help advertisers achieve their upper and mid-funnel objectives following a beta program done in partnership with three advertisers.


For example, one beta campaign increased unaided brand awareness by 83% along with a significant increase in purchase intent. 



1st Screen Plus on Samsung Smart TVs:


1st Screen Plus is a new and improved version of the product that advertisers already know and love on Samsung Smart TVs. 1st Screen Plus stays true to the consumer viewing experience - highlighting promoted content that consumers will love.  When the TV is turned on there’s an expanded version of the ad that is auto-played making new content easily available in a frictionless environment. 


“Samsung is committed to innovating its suite and building experiences for any type of advertiser and to deliver the best experience and generate the highest ROAS. This includes providing new opportunities for advertisers to have 100% share of voice and reach consumers at the moment of discovery,” said Fochetta.


Both the Samsung Discovery Masthead and the Samsung TV Plus Editorial Channel Sponsorship will be coming out of beta and available in May 2021.