Samsung Ads at NewFronts 2021: Unlocking the Power of the Samsung Ecosystem
High Value Audiences, Content Discovery, and New Ad Experiences Make Reach and Results Easier than Ever.

At NewFronts 2021, Samsung Ads shared the playbook for the next generation of TV advertising. Through its Samsung device-powered ecosystem, advertisers can now reach high-value audiences in a way that creates better viewing experiences for the consumer—while delivering the measurement and results brands have come to expect.

Moreover, it’s not just about what advertisers can buy, but how they buy it. Now brands and advertisers can use Samsung DSP to easily plan, optimize and measure their campaigns with the full transparency and “hands-on-keyboard” control of a DSP.

Some of the main takeaways from the presentation include:

Reaching a large and highly desirable audience

One of Samsung Ads’ biggest advantages is that it allows brands and advertisers to tap directly into the Samsung household. Samsung Ads reaches 50M Smart TVs across the US, the largest video data set in the country. Billions of people use Samsung devices to navigate their day-to-day—across devices in the household from Smart TVs to mobile phones.

These audiences are often just what advertisers are looking for -- with demographic data that indicates high-value households reporting an array of interests from travel to cooking to fitness and spending time with family. As audiences fragment across devices and platforms, the Samsung device-powered household is one place this large and devoted population comes together.

Innovating toward better content discovery and ad experiences

Content Discovery may be a buzzword for 2021, but it’s been front & center on Samsung Smart TVs for years. Each unit features a built-in Smart Hub—an easily navigable “home screen” style interface that provides viewers with recommended content, user-friendly search, and instant access to apps, OTT streaming shows, and good old-fashioned linear TV. The hub has seen a 70% boost in engagement over the last year.

In addition, Samsung Ads announced two exclusive native ad experiences—Samsung Discovery Masthead and 1st Screen Plus—both of which enable advertisers to reach users organically when they’re in the content discovery process.

As Mike Law, President of Amplify and one of the guest speakers in the presentation noted,
“Consumers are in control of their experience. Matching our first party data with Samsung has enabled us to create the best, most addressable ad experiences for consumers.”
Interruption is out. Now it’s all about joining users on the discovery journey through strategic data usage.

Samsung TV Plus - the #2 app on Samsung Smart TVs

As video viewing behavior drives innovation, Samsung has kept pace. Samsung TV Plus, the company's free ad-supported streaming TV service (FAST), now comes built-in to Samsung Smart TVs right out of the box, with a mobile app available on select Galaxy phones. Featuring 160+ channels of premium, brand-safe content, Samsung TV Plus is an exclusive conduit through which brands and marketers can reach, engage, and convert their desired audiences across the Samsung universe.

The proof is in the performance: A demonstration of the Samsung TV Plus channel sponsorship reported double-digit growth in both brand awareness and purchase intent. Powerful stuff for a relatively new platform that is now showing up on 95% of Galaxy phones.

A simpler path to 21st century media success

Perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of running campaigns with Samsung Ads is that the experience is simple—and can be as self-serve as you want it to be.

Advertisers from brands and agencies can choose to access a private marketplace, buy through their own demand-side platform, target the audiences they want to reach (or those they missed on linear), and manage their entire linear buy—along with CTV—all while optimizing reach and frequency.

The evolving TV landscape is bursting with new opportunities to reach and engage audiences. With its NewFronts 2021 presentation, Samsung Ads provided a fresh look at how to seize the moment—and make an impact.