Samsung Ads arrives in Brazil as a new media option on Samsung TVs

Samsung presents the Brazilian market with a new way for brands and advertisers to reach consumers in the transition to streaming. Samsung Ads is now available on Samsung Smart TVs, with premium and secure brand experiences, allowing for more accurate advertising and reaching more consumers with ads-targeted.

“Samsung Ads brings a new way of presenting and consuming advertising, which reflects the transformations that are taking place with the consumption of content on TV. The big screen is increasingly present in people's daily lives, but the way we relate to it has changed significantly. The consumption of linear content has been losing ground and there is an intense movement towards services on demand, streaming platforms and games. Brands have the challenge of maintaining a connection with this new consumer”, says Essio Floridi, Director of Sales for Samsung Ads in Latin America.

To understand the relevance of the spaces offered by Samsung to advertisers, it is important to know that Brazil is the largest market for the brand in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. At the beginning of 2021 alone, more than 12 million TVs around the country are already able to receive Samsung Ads and the number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming months and years. Samsung has been a global leader in the TV market for 15 consecutive years and Brazil is fundamental to this performance.

What does Samsung Ads offer to partner brands?

There are two possibilities for insertions. The first is in the Smart Hub itself, where all the streaming apps pre-loaded on TV or that were downloaded from the App Store and configured by the consumer for quick access are located. There, a campaign ad is displayed and the user can select it to see more details on banners of different sizes and formats. If you choose to click on these banners, the user has access to video ads, links to promotional sites and QR codes for access on mobile devices.

Samsung TV Plus offers consumers a free streaming service and advertisers the reach of traditional linear TV with the ability to segment and measure digital. Launched by Samsung in late 2020 in Brazil, Samsung TV Plus already has 28 channels of news, gastronomy, sports, series, films and music, in addition to reaching almost ten million users per month.

Why does Samsung Ads offer more accurate ads?

Samsung Ads is powered by automatic content recognition, or ACR technology, which is an opt-in and compliant with PII and Brazil's General Data Protection Law. This allows consumers to experience a more personalized content discovery on millions of Samsung Smart TVs.

Advertisers can take advantage of Samsung Ads' powerful proprietary data to target content to consumers who love, for example, sports or games. In addition to consumer segmentation, advertisers can also develop strategies based on location or hardware. For example, it is possible to run a campaign according to the screen size or resolution of the user's TV and also choose which regions of the country will be impacted by each ad.

“Connected TVs are already a relevant part of the digital media universe - and have even been one of the fastest growing media in recent times. This is a medium that unites the immersive experience of TV with all the advantages of digital, and its share of dedicated attention by consumers should continue to evolve, hitchhiking in the “streaming war”. The omnichannel media journey is advancing at a rapid pace, and our pioneering spirit with SamsungAds reinforces our appetite for deeply understanding new ways to advertise on television”, explains Celio Guida, Head of Media, Business Intelligence & Performance at Grupo Boticário.

With Samsung Ads, TV advertising can now target specific audiences similar to digital advertising, but advertisers can manage the reach and frequency in their linear media and streaming purchases, while extending that reach through other devices. This means that advertisers can reach millions of consumers and extend customization to other platforms for a complete consumer experience. Combine that with the ability to measure results like incremental reach or brand lift and you’ll have a powerful solution for advertisers.

“We are facing a new era for TVs and also for the way we communicate with partner brands and our consumers. There is a growing desire for more personalized services that are in line with people's tastes and preferences, but with a permanent concern not to interfere with users' experiences in their leisure time. It is a new way of communicating, smarter and more precise" says Floridi.


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¹ Available for all 2021 models and for Samsung 4K TVs (or higher) from the 2017 model. The available content can be changed and / or discontinued at any time, without prior notice. Internet connection required.
² In accordance with the General Data Protection Act, users can request that ads not be personalized based on their consumption habits.