Addressable CTV

Samsung Ads offers a unique solution by delivering addressable ads in premium OTT environments. Using Samsung proprietary data, we help you effectively reach new audiences beyond just cable or satellite subscribers and across all connected devices. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Broaden Your Addressable Reach Beyond MVPDs
    Deliver addressable campaigns on all connected devices from OTT streaming devices, to gaming consoles and Smart TVs
  • Drive Reach and Frequency Optimization
    Target non-MVPD subscribers to get unduplicated reach and also manage household frequency among multiple MVPDs
    Compliment Linear with OTT Experiences
  • Reach your audience in OTT environments where users are more engaged resulting in higher ad effectiveness
    Get Faster Activation and Reporting 
  • Samsung Ads campaigns can launch within 3 business days* and delivery data is available in near real-time 

How It Works

With a national footprint and leading addressable data integrations with Experian™ and Acxiom™/LiveRamp™, Samsung Ads is your one-stop shop for all addressable buys. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Share your target audience with us
2. Using our proprietary Device Graph, we identify and match addressable audiences within Samsung households
3. Addressable campaigns are activated across all CTV devices with 1:1 household targeting and delivery

Partner with Samsung Ads

Samsung is the market leader in the Smart TV space** with more than 30 million ACR-enabled Smart TVs** in the US alone. With the biggest footprint of ACR-enabled Smart TVs, Samsung Ads has the largest proprietary ACR data in the market. 

Our proprietary Device Graph is able to identify more than 250 million connected devices within Samsung households to help advertisers reach audiences on desktop, mobile, tablets, media and gaming consoles offering holistic reach for our clients.

*SLA can vary based on client data onboarding process
**Source: IHS Markit, TV Market Briefing, March 2018