Success Story: Incremental Reach for Brands

Business Challenge

A leading brand invests a significant amount of their advertising dollars to  TV commercials.  Each type and model of their product serves very niche audiences and overall brand saturation is a challenge. 

With Samsung’s vast proprietary ACR-based data, this brand wanted to optimize media spend in order to reach those they may  have missed across their widespread TV campaigns. They also wanted  to better engage their niche target of heavy-duty consumer vehicle drivers.

Samsung Ads Solution

Audience Targeting: Polk Auto Intenders, HHI $100k+, Samsung Sport Segment, and Brand Linear Ad Not Exposed
Samsung Ads Solutions: Connected TV Video and Native 1st Screen Click to Video.
KPIs Measured: Video Completion Rate and Audience Reach.

By combining Samsung Ads ACR-based segmentation techniques with 3rd party data integrations, this client was able to specify customer targets to include niche audiences like upper middle-class and affluent households ($100k+), avid sports viewers via Samsung Sports Taste Graphs, and those in-market to purchase specific vehicles made available from the Polk database of automotive vehicle shoppers.

To reach those targets, many of which were net new for this client, the team employed a combination of the Samsung Ads Connected TV Video and Samsung Ads Native 1st Screen solutions. This enabled:

●      Reach to those who did not see the TV commercials via Linear Ad Exposure Targeting 

●       Samsung Smart TV viewership-based segmentation creating high relevancy targeting and reach to the right demo through the shows and networks they specifically watch

Measurement and Results 

All Samsung Ads campaigns include comprehensive insights on performance. For this execution the team focused Incremental Reach Analysis which compares those who were exposed to the linear TV commercials vs. those exposed to Samsung media execution to determine unique reach along with any overlap. Specifically the team measured the following:

●      Did linear effectively reach their target?
●      How efficient was Samsung Ads connected TV video in delivering a hyper-targeted audience while also achieving new and improved reach for the brand?
●      What insights can be gained about the audiences exposed to different types of media -- i.e.: the TV commercials and Samsung Ads campaign that can help optimize the targeting and media mix strategy for future campaigns?

The impact was enormous! With Samsung Ads, this brand reached 60% of the Samsung Smart TV audience, a 20% increase in exposure from the original linear TV advertising. A major contributing factor was that the Samsung Ads campaign was designed so each placement and exposure was aligned to a specific target audience inclusive of vehicle intenders, targeted demographics (upper-middle class to affluent), and sports fans vs. the Linear TV campaign focused on the average daily TV audience.

Working with Samsung Ads, this brand was able to tap into the unique power of connected TV, helping to optimize spend and gain unparalleled reach by complimenting their more traditional execution.


Caption: 20% Increase in Exposure to the Samsung Smart TV Audience