Numbers You Need to Know

Samsung Smart TVs continue to be a content powerhouse, so here are some powerful insights about the tremendous activity we’ve observed across all devices on the Samsung Ads platform* in the US for July 2018:

●      There are 30 million Samsung Smart TVs registered in the US, and 73 million globally.
●      In the US, more than half a million Smart TVs are newly activated on average per month, with more than 2 million globally.
●      Newer Smart TV models are the new majority.
●      In July 2018, Samsung Smart TVs released in 2016-2018, with the new user-friendly Tizen interface officially crossed the halfway point in the US, occupying 51% of Smart TV activity.

Release Year             Share of Activity

2014                               17.17%

2015                               31.91%

2016                              17.19%

2017                              31.41%

2018                             2.32%

●      14 million Samsung Smart TVs tuned in to TV programming for at least one minute.
●      64 billion minutes spent watching TV programming on Samsung Smart TVs in one month.
●      88% of Samsung Smart TVs have at least one HDMI-device connected for additional media consumption.
●      There are 4000+ Smart TV Apps available globally, with 1,367 apps actively used globally in July.*
●      At present, there are 3202 Smart TV Apps available in the US, with 705 apps actively used globally in July. *
●      1.3 billion launches of apps on Smart TVs in a month in the US.
●      Samsung Ads can reach over 200 million devices across Smart TV, connected TV devices and cross-media solutions.



*All numbers are based on US Smart TVs unless otherwise noted.