Samsung TV Plus

We understand how important premium content is to our viewers, especially if it's free. That's why we launched Samsung TV Plus, an OTT service with over 40 channels that looks and feels like TV.


Pre-installed, 100% free, and with half as many ads per hour as cable, our viewers are loving Samsung TV Plus.


Promote your brand and content on Samsung TV Plus to reach highly engaged streaming audiences and drive big impact for your CTV buys.


  • Deliver In-Stream Videos in High Quality Content
    Ads are served in Samsung TV Plus Channels during short commercial breaks and they are 100% non-skippable


  • Reach Viewers Who Have Cut the Cord
    TVs that watch Samsung TV Plus are twice as likely to not have a cable or satellite box


  • Run in a Brand Safe OTT Environment
    Samsung TV Plus offers brand safe content that follows broadcast content guidelines


  • Align Your Brand with Contextually Relevant Programming
    With popular channels across Entertainment, Sports, News and more — you can align your targeting strategy to genre-specific content


How To Buy

Take advantage of the following activation opportunities with Samsung TV Plus:


  • Samsung TV Plus in CTV Video Activations
  • Channel Bundle Targeting
  • Daypart Targeting
  • Run of Samsung TV Plus