Driving Renovators to Stores

Building store visits by nailing the audience linear TV missed.


A well-known home improvement store wanted to reach consumers ready to tackle summer home renovations, and drive store visits. The store was spending big on linear television, and had a winning video creative that relied heavily on audio, but it wasn’t reaching consumers efficiently.


Why Samsung Ads

Identified the right audience through proprietary ACR-data targeting and delivered through Connected TV (CTV) Video inventory.


Targeting:  Home & Garden Audience | Audience unexposed to own ads on linear | Audience exposed to Competitors’ ads

Ad Format:  Connected TV (CTV) Video


Audiences exposed to Samsung Ads were over 50% more likely to visit home renovation stores.

 - Drove 11,000 incremental visitors, at a 24% visit rate

 - 54% lift vs. unexposed, with 3.3x ROAS (return on ad spend)


About Samsung Ads

Samsung Ads is Advanced TV advertising built on the world’s smartest connected audience platform.

We leverage a proprietary data set no one else has, to deliver insights to marketers no one else can offer.




Samsung Ads Proprietary Data, U.S. Only, 2018

- Methodology: Visits are calculated using Factual foot traffic audience, deterministically matched to Samsung TV household universe.