1989 - 1980

Entering the
Global Marketplace

Samsung’s core technology businesses diversified and expanded globally during the late 1970s and early 1980s. During this period, Samsung restructured old businesses and entered new ones with the aim of becoming one of the world’s top five electronics companies.


  • Samsung BP Chemicals founded
  • Samsung Electronics produced 20 millionth color TV


  • Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co merged with Samsung Electronics. Home appliances, telecommunications, and semiconductors selected as core business lines


  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology opened for R&D purposes


  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology opened for R&D purposes


  • Samsung Data Systems established (Renamed Samsung SDS)
  • Samsung Electronics exported first VCRs to the US


  • Samsung Electronics began production of personal computers (PCs)


  • Name changed from Korea Telecommunications Corp. to Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. Sales subsidiary (SEG) established in Germany
  • Samsung Electronics established sales subsidiary (SEG) in Germany
  • Samsung Electronics produced 10 millionth black-and-white TV


  • Samsung Electronics exported (to Canada) first microwave ovens (model: RE-705D)
  • Samsung Electronics produced 1 millionth color TV


  • Samsung Electronics began producing air conditioners
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