Do you want the best-looking display on the market, both in terms of industrial design and image quality? How about a monitor that does more than just display content, one that simplifies your life and is eco-friendly? Samsung’s SA550 LED monitors deliver ultimate image quality, unparalleled elegance, and a suite of features that make them eco-friendly and easy to use.

Published: January 5, 2011

Sophisticated Design

You can make an artistic statement with a SA550 LED monitor because its design naturally blends subtle color gradations into the monitor frames. The bezel combines a crystal look with Samsung’s Touch of Color, and it is complemented by a transparent base. Also, the cables from the SA550 are hidden in the neck of the monitor so you always have a simple clean look.

Surprising Convenience with Eco Benefits

The SA550 LED monitor has features to make it so easy to use, while helping you save energy. This monitor uses close to zero watts when it’s in power saving mode. The Eco Motion Sensor alerts the monitor when you sit down and when you walk away, automatically powering it on and off. And, the Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness to match the ambient lighting in a room. If the room is sunny, the picture shines brighter and in darker surroundings, the intensity is reduced. The result—reduced eye strain and smarter power consumption.

The 550 Series Premium LED Monitors will be available in 23 and 27 inch sizes.