6 addictive smartphone games you need to try now

By Samsung 11.10.2016

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6 addictive smartphone games you need to try now

Have you ever been bored in the metro or waiting for your plane to board?

Instead of listening to the same old songs or buying a magazine that you will only read once, why not become the hero of your own game? Get ready for a new gaming experience with the Samsung S7 edge and S7. Both smartphones have a high-end GPU, playing any game with an unmatched fluidity and less battery drain. With the Vulcan API, you will feel the effects of the game as if you were in the middle of it.


Remember to mute and hide alerts within the Game Launcher before launching the game to save battery and not be disturbed during your gaming experience. Make sure you choose your next game carefully, as you will probably play it for a while. Time flies when you’re having fun! 

The Galaxy Game Pack has been created especially to enjoy the S7 edge and S7 gaming features. Only available on Galaxy apps, these games are highly addictive! Here’s a selection:

SimCity BuildIt

Back at it again, SimCity BuildIt will make you mayor of your own city. Build a town that will come to life, create and trade goods with other cities, unleash natural disasters and complete challenge to specialise your city. Remember to keep your citizens happy!

Cut the Rope 2

If you liked Cut The Rope, you’re in luck: the game continues on Cut The Rope 2! Play with new characters, different missions and innovative gameplay elements. Collecting candy has never been so fun! 

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

A must play for every Star Wars fan, Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes features iconic battles in well-known locations in the galaxy. A real adrenaline pumping and visually striking mobile game, Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes brings you a new dimension of RPG-style gaming. Create an ultimate team, become master of your galaxy, play with other champions and rise to the top with your guildmates. 

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Play the hero of a strategy card game that will mesmerise you and make you learn while having fun in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Sling spells, command heroes and summon creatures in duels, fine tune your strategy and get drawn in the depth of this fascinating game. 

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This racing game features some of the fastest cars in the world. Drive through unique tracks in iconic landscapes such as Iceland, the Nevada desert or Venice. Carefully created maps and countless possibilities for impressive jumps and speed make Asphalt 8: Airborne  a game you will get addicted to in seconds. 

We R Football

Build a team and make them winners in We R Football. Train your squad, use coins to buy players and take your chance against a global audience to become the world’s greatest football coach. May the best team win!

Which other game would you suggest to enjoy and explore more of the S7 edge and S7 graphics and display? Let us know your selection of your favourite addictive games for S7 edge and S7 in the comment box below!