Master the photography tool of the Galaxy S7 edge and S7

By Samsung 12.12.2016

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Master the photography tool of the Galaxy S7 edge and S7

With its unparalleled camera quality and newest photography functions, the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 make for ideal portable cameras. But do you know all the tricks to master the photography tool?


Get into action photography with tracking AF

If you’d like to capture fast moving objects, or a still image from a moving perspective, the Auto mode will probably not cut it. To focus properly on the subject of your photograph, make sure to enable tracking AF on your Galaxy S7 edge or S7. Using this mode, you can choose a point to focus on, and let your device refocus on it whatever movement you are doing, guaranteeing a clear picture. You will need to activate this mode manually into the camera settings menu.  

Make the most of voice command 

Did you know you can use the voice command feature to take your best photos? Instead of tapping on your phone to take a picture, which might cause blurriness and lack of precision, all you have to do is tell it to take the picture for you. To do so, just turn the voice command feature in the camera settings.

Adjust exposure for the perfect picture

When taking a photo of a particular subject, especially if there are different background and foreground elements, make sure to tap the screen to focus on your chosen subject. To fine tune the focus, you can use the slider at the right side of your display and adjust exposure. Move it up and down to change your picture’s brightness levels.


Use Pro Mode to capture night shots

The Pro Mode is ideal to use in low light situations: as the image is stabilised as much as possible, you will get the most light possible, ensuring your shot is representing what you see the best way possible. With more light getting into the sensor, a night shot will be better taken using Pro Mode and its optical image stabilisation feature.

Use gridlines to get a straight shot

Landscapes pictures taken with the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 can be incredible, but you need to make sure they’re straight! Use the gridlines to align the horizon with your screen lines and ensure your picture will not end up wonky. Even if an uneven angle sometimes works on an edgy photo, most of the time a straight picture looks better, especially when photographing landscapes or nature. The gridlines can be activated from the camera settings menu.