Easy ways to take notes on your phone

By Samsung 04.02.2016

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Taking notes

How your smartphone can be resourceful for note-taking and storing important information.

With so many things to do and remember on a daily basis, our memory can only serve us up to some extent. We often need to rely on notes, checklists and reminders to make sure we're on track. It can also be important for this information to be handy and within reach.

As your mobile phone is something that is by your side all the time, you can easily use it for note-taking purposes, instead of carrying stationery around. It can be your go-to device whether you need to write minutes of a meeting, update your to-do list or perhaps even prepare a grocery list for your next trip to the supermarket. Find out how note-taking can be easy with your smartphone:


Is your desk full of post-it notes with reminders and other information you need within your reach? De-clutter your desk and store your notes on your phone. Nowadays, you have the option of putting up virtual post-it notes on your phone's home screen. Even if you haven't set a reminder for a task you need to perform, the note will be a reminder enough whenever you look at your phone (which, let's be honest, is very often).

Explore the power of the S Pen

When you come across important information, you clearly want the convenience of noting it down immediately without any hassles. The S Pen on the Galaxy Note5 has made note-taking a breeze. Instead of searching for a pen and paper, you can release your S Pen, explore different options in the Air Command and write notes on your phone.

If you find some interesting piece of news when browsing online, instead of saving or taking a screenshot of a whole article, you can use the pen to select and save the part you want, in addition to writing notes and comments on the captured image. The S Pen also allows you to capture and crop random shapes.

S Pen

With action memos, you can link an action – such as making a call or sending an email – with your notes. You can also save your memo as a widget on the home screen for quick access.

Thanks to the screen-off memo feature, you don't even have to open a memo when you need to urgently jot down some points. Just slide your S Pen out and write on the phone's off/locked screen.

Make use of S Note

Every device has a notepad or memo option. For Galaxy smartphones, S Note is the go-to feature. You cannot only write, but also draw and add visuals to your notes. Whether you want to write in your own handwriting or use the keypad, you can choose to jot your thoughts down in your preferred format. Moreover, you can select from a variety of templates, ranging from checklists and schedules to picture diaries, depending on your needs.

Do more with your contacts

If you need to store notes regarding a particular contact of yours, there is a more personalised way of doing so. Aside from using the regular note pad on your mobile device, take advantage the notes field in the contact information page in your contacts list for future reference. Next time you need specific information about a person, you'll remember exactly where to look.

Create a virtual scrapbook

Notes don't always have to be in text form. Images can also be important reference materials. Simply create a scrapbook of your notes and images. When you go to presentations, do you have a tendency to take photos of important slides instead of writing down the key points? You can easily use the Scrapbook feature in your Galaxy phone to compile photos of the slides and add notes to them for reference.


Save voice notes

If you prefer a hands-free experience, then you can use your phone's voice recorder option to record voice notes on your device. Whether you're walking, running or driving your car, you can easily record the notes on the go.