Keep your floor and carpet dust-free

By Samsung 25.02.2016

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Keep your floor and carpet dust-free

Try these vacuum cleaning tips to keep your floor clean.

Floors are prone to getting dirty. From pet hair and food crumbs to the dirt brought in by guests wearing shoes, there are lots of ways dirt can make its way into your house, no matter how much cleanliness you try to maintain.

Using a brush and broom to clean up can be a useful temporary solution, especially in emergency situations, such as when clearing up spilt sugar from the floor. But it can also be slightly tiring with the effort involved in collecting the dust in a pan and disposing it off. At times, some dust floats away or is difficult to collect in the pan. A vacuum cleaner tends to involve less effort and show better results as it takes care of dust collection itself and provides good suction to extract dirt from the most difficult of corners.

Here are a few tips to maintain the cleanliness of your floor when using your vacuum cleaner:

Make it regular

Dusty floors and cobwebs are something from horror movies. Don't let your living room reach that level by waiting for weeks to clean up. Vacuum your floor every alternate day or at least twice a week to avoid dust build up. This will involve less effort the next time you vacuum. Even if you miss a day, it will leave the floor clean enough, so you don't have to panic about a dirty floor when unexpected guests come knocking at the door.

Get the motion right

Vacuuming across a spot only once is often not enough. It is advised to vacuum back and forth on the same spot at least twice – if not multiple times. This also helps in capturing any scattering debris.

Dusting comes first

Ensure that you do the dusting around your house before you vacuum. When you are cleaning furniture, dust particles may float in the air or fall on the floor. Imagine all of that happening after you have already vacuumed the floor, putting your efforts to waste.

Get the right suction

Whether you have a tiled or fully-carpeted floor, it can be important to use a device that has a powerful suction. With carpets, for example, it's not only surface dirt that you need to take care of. Often, dust and dirt can collect between the carpet fibres or crevices, which can be difficult to clear up if the vacuum cleaner doesn't have the right suction.

Samsung's Motion Sync VCF700G vacuum cleaner features an innovative CycloneForce technology that produces powerful suction to make your task easier. A unique interior structure with 14 inner chambers creates a multi-cyclonic airflow. The force separates particles and prevents dust and dirt from leaving the canister. This also helps the filter stay clean for a longer time and maintain a strong suction.

Get the right suction

Use custom tools

Whether you're brushing or brooming, dust ends up collecting in the corners and can often be challenging to get rid of. A vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction and the ability to extract dirt from very difficult corners can help in this situation. Samsung's Motion Sync vacuum cleaner, for instance, has an Extreme Force Brush. The appliance diffuses pressure evenly over the brush to enable the powerful pick-up of dust and particles. It also features different built-in attachments that can help you reach difficult corners.

Keep mopping for last

Keep mopping for last

When cleaning your floor, it's best to vacuum or brush before you mop the floor. Some of us may only mop to cut down a step in the process. Directly mopping the floor may seem to be the easier task, but can lead to dust particles clinging onto the mop and getting spread across the floor. So make sure mopping is the last step of the process.