A good night’s sleep can make the difference between a productive day and a lousy one. In fact, poor sleep has been linked to problems ranging from stress to obesity to transportation fatalities. A comfortable bedroom is an important factor in getting the best sleep possible. Here’s how to set up your bedroom so you sleep more soundly every night.

Make Your Bedroom and Bed Visually Inviting

This is especially important if you’ve had sleep troubles in the past. Hang up your clothes and clear out the clutter. A messy bedroom is distracting because it’s bound to remind you of all the chores you’ve left undone that day, which won’t make for a restful night. And be sure to make your bed every day. A well-made bed is attractive and inviting—and much more pleasant to climb into than a pile of unkempt sheets and blankets. If your air conditioner is an eyesore, you may want to consider one of Samsung’s sleek, stylish models.

Ditch the Distractions

To set yourself up for a good night’s rest, you should make your bedroom a (mostly) diversion-free zone. That means you should move the television and/or game console from the room and reserve them for “wide awake” times. And don’t make your bed your office—keep the paperwork out of your bed and close down the computer so you won’t be tempted to check email that one last time.

If your partner’s snoring or your neighbor’s barking dog has been encroaching on your bedroom quiet and keeping you awake, a set of earplugs may do the trick.

Correct the Temperature and Humidity

Comfortable bedroom temperature and humidity are essential for pleasant slumber. An air conditioner can create better conditions for sleep. Samsung’s good’sleep feature takes that benefit a step further by adjusting the temperature to your individual sleep pattern.

First, good’sleep eases you into falling asleep by dropping the temperature. During your soundest sleep, the system automatically raises the temperature slightly to keep your body relaxed, and also keeps the moisture level of the room optimal. Then, when it’s about time for your alarm clock to ring, good’sleep uses intermittent air to wake and refresh you after your night of pleasant sleep. (And if home energy costs or environmental concerns are among the things keeping you up at night, you’ll be happy to know that good’sleep uses more than a third less energy than a normal cooling mode.)

Improve Your Bedtime Ritual

Experts agree that regular sleeping hours are one of the most important elements of good sleep hygiene. To keep yourself on track for easy snoozing, make sure you:

  • Refrain from drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes (nicotine is a stimulant), or eating a heavy meal for at least two hours before your regular bedtime. And keep in mind that while alcohol may make you feel sleepy, it actually leads to less-restful sleep.
  • Take an hour to wind down with music or a book rather than the computer or television. This will soothe rather than stimulate.
  • Avoid having stressful conversations late in the evening, so they’re less likely to occupy your mind when you’re in bed.

Not all sleep problems are caused by your bedroom environment. But with some changes to your routine—and the features of a Samsung air conditioner—you’ll likely rest easier.