Make reading Quran a family affair with your Smart TV

By Samsung 02.06.2015

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Make reading Quran a family affair with your Smart TV

This Ramadan, have a joint learning experience with your family with Samsung Smart TV’s Mp3Quran App.

Ramadan is one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar. In this festive period, the spirit of family, giving, reflection and strong values gets rekindled. As the month approaches, we make various resolutions, such trying to be a better person, strengthening our faith, spending more quality time with the family and helping others. One of the key objectives we set is finishing at least one reading of the Quran during the Holy Month.

Make your Ramadan special this year by experiencing an interactive way of reading, listening to and understanding the Holy Book through your Samsung Smart TV. And, you don't have to do it alone.

Samsung has launched the MP3Quran App for its Smart TVs to make it easier for you and your family to complete the Quran this Ramadan. The app comes pre-installed in all new Samsung Smart TV models, with one-step access to a library of Quran content. For older models, it can be downloaded from the Samsung TV apps store.

Strengthen your family bond this year by learning and growing together with the help of the Mp3Quran App:

Mp3Quran App reciters

A learning experience

The app features the Quran in both text and audio format, allowing you and your family to not only read the Holy Book together, but also listen to it with the correct pronunciations and get a deeper understanding through explanation. It also offers the option to listen to recitations from a wide range of reciters, such as Sheikh AbdulBasit Abdulsamad, Abu Bakr Al Shatri and Ahmad Amer.


The app's content is structured in a way that you can choose to start the Quran from the beginning or scroll down to choose a particular Surah you want to read.



It also offers a bookmarking option to help you pick up from where you left off. When you access the app for your next reading, a bookmark icon appears at the bottom of the home screen that directs you to the last page you were reading or the part that you and your family were listening to.


Different languages

Surpassing language barriers, the app features content in six languages for users:

Arabic, English, French, Deutsch, Spanish and Russian.

Along with Arabic script and audio, it has text and audio translations in most of these languages to help different speakers understand the verses.

Aside from taking advantage of the app to listen to the Quran, you can also use it to teach your children how to read and understand the Holy Book. With text, audio and explanations readily available, it will be easier for your child to grasp and retain information.

So bring your family together this Ramadan and have an enlightening experience through the MP3Quran App.